Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Name Is LUKA.. modric

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HARRY REDKNAPP  last night told Manchester United: Luka Modric is not for sale at ANY price.
SunSport revealed United manager Alex Ferguson has made the Tottenham playmaker his major £25million summer target.

GA! GA! GA! GA!GA! GA! GA! GA!  GA! GA! GA! GA! 

Crap. Lots of craps.

Remember Rio, remember Carrick?..thee he he

What Fergie wants, Fergie gets. 

But Redknapp told his old mate Fergie: "There's no chance of it happening at all. Luka's key to everything that's happening at this place.

"Everybody knows what I think of him. And if you want to move on to higher levels you don't start flogging off your best players - to anyone."