Friday, May 7, 2010


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Jamie Carragher: I Want To Finish My Career At Liverpool
The Englishman's contract expires after this season...

Carra has expressed his desire to remain with Liverpool for the rest of his career and hopes to discuss a new deal with Rafael Benitez.

The former England international is keen to refute reports that negotiations with Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres will leave him as a forgotten man at Liverpool.

Carragher could miss the Reds final game against Hull City on Sunday with an ankle injury, but the Englishman hopes that he can agree ..more League? what Champions League?
Who cares..?
Ask Gerro Gerro if he cares..

We got plenty baby..thee he he
Plenty in our pockets..
Plenty up our **se too!!!

Liverpool TIMBANG KATI. Mau?

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Liverpool And Arsenal Interested In Olympique Marseille Star Mamadou Niang - Report
May 6, 2010 3:56:00 PM

Olympique Marseille forward Mamadou Niang is being tracked by Premier League giants Arsenal and Liverpool, according to a report in Metro. pun Niang lah..thee he he
Niang ni main bola ka?
Ka kena paksa main bola..thee he he

Quey Gerro..Gerro whatever will be, will be..
Liverpool for sale, they want to 'timbang kati'..!!

The 30-year-old Senegal star scored the winning goal as l'OM clinched their first French league title since 1992 with a 3-1 win over Stade Rennais on Thursday, and both Rafael Benitez and Arsene Wenger are believed to be keeping tabs on the powerful striker.

But with Marseille said to value the former Strasbourg man at around £14 million, a move could prove beyond the financial scope of both clubs — especially considering the player's age...more

Jual BULU AYAM Lagi Senang

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Nak main bulu ayam, teloq tak ada.

Nadzmi: It will be tough

FOR some, BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh's belief that the national team won't win the Thomas Cup is the last thing the players need but this could well be the spark needed for a triumphant campaign. hamprak ni hebat..thee he he
Best Executive in the whole wide 1Malaya suatu ketika dulu..
Protong Saga pun pernah pegang..thee he he
1Malaya sapa tara kenal..

Orang suruh pegang badminton, nak kasi 1malaya menang lah..
Bukan suruh jual bulu ayam..
Bukan suruh jadi ayam jaguh kampung..
Kokok berderai, ekor bergelumang taik..

Ni belum hapa2 dah surrender..
Baik bagi kat Azamuddin..
Azamuddin sure ada telor!

Nadzmi may have been trying to deflect pressure from the players and BAM itself but the fact remains that except for China, the other hopefuls are of the same standard.

Nadzmi, who normally avoids making bold targets, even went on to say that it will be a battle for Malaysia to..more

Polish Kepala Made In PENAGA

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KUALA LUMPUR, May 6: Penang Opposition Leader Azhar Ibrahim has come under fire from his own side when the MCA today rapped him over a statement by him warning a repeat of May 13 racial riots.

“After 53 years of Independence, it is disappointing to see that threats are still being flung around the august house. While constructive criticisms are welcomed, threats are not. ambik peduli..thee he he
Hamprak kepala botak licin ini sudah kering idea..
Poket dah terlampau lebat..
Perut dah masuk macam2..
Minum jgn cerita, segala benda tonggang..thee he he

DUN Penang kena buat pembaharuan..thee he he
Kat pintu masuk kena pasang 'breatherlyzer'..
Ramai sangat orang mabuk masuk dewan.

"MCA also rebukes Azhar’s statement as they are contradictory to our Prime Minister’s vision of a 1 Malaysia, and as a result, will repel voters from supporting the BN coalition," said MCA deputy publicity chief and central committee member Loh Seng Kok (pic) in a statement today....more