Sunday, March 28, 2010

Katmandu Med. School Made Easy

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KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 —A Nepalese has been caught operating as a “doctor” running an illegal clinic in the city, despite having arrived in the country with a permit to work as a security guard

The 42-year-old’s “clinic”, located on the fourth floor of Plaza Taleju in Jalan Silang, bore a signboard in Nepalese, to ..more

Apa sudah jadi 1Malaya..
Apa suda jadi 1Malaya Klinik..

Ini mamat Nepal suda 'buang air kecil'..thee he he
Permit utk kerja 'jaga'..
Apply jadi doktor..

Kena suruh ini mamat Katmandu check Saiz-pool BauKari Azlan..thee he he
Suruh dia check Katmandu Army Style..
Langsung tak boleh berak la Saiz-pool!

Doktor Guna Mamy Poko?

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Jins Shamsudin kini bergelar doktor

SINTOK - Pada usia 75 tahun, Pengarah dan pelakon terkenal, Senator Tan Sri Dr. Jins Shamsudin membuktikan lagi kehebatannya apabila memperoleh Ijazah Doktor Falsafah (Ph.D) daripada Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) di sini semalam....lagi

Kena beringat..thee he he
Umur dah lanjut..

Pergi kemana-mana, jgn lupa bawak satu..
Pergi kemana-mana, make sure tau jamban kat mana..thee he he

Takut tak sempat..
thee he he..benda nak keluar tak mengira masa.

Rahsia Kejayaan Proton

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Saturday, 27 March 2010 10:24

SYDNEY– LG Electronics Inc., the South Korean consumer electronics maker, says that it will voluntarily recall 4,000 refrigerators and 25,000 DVD players sold in Australia on safety concerns, Yonhap news agency reported.

LG will give a voucher and a free home-visit repair service to consumers who bought the company's side-by-side refrigerator sold after May, 2009, saying that the earthing ..more

Ingatkan Protong..

Kalau Protong buat recall product..thee he he
Jamin bengkrap Protong..thee hee he

Tak payah recall kereta..
Toyota mampu la nak recall kereta..thee he he

Recall wiper pun dah cukup..
Tutup kilang 3 bulan.

Tuntutlah Ilmu Hingga Ke Negeri China

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Degree holders only.

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 MARCH, 2010: The re-structuring of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) does not only involve increasing personnel but also will involve the recruiting of inspector-rank officers who have degrees in the near future.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said if the proposal was approved by the government, the RMP will halt the intake for Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and Assistant ..more

Baru nak buat..
Sepatutnya dah lama implement..

Pelajaran pertama..jangan menipu..thee he he
Pelajaran kedua..jgn cakap kluk klek (word Nik Aziz)
Pelajaran ketiga..ngaku je le, kalau dah bodoh..thee he he

Kalau takde diploma, ngaku takde diploma..
Kalau takde degree, ngaku takde degree..

SPM cukup2 makan, tapi ngaku ada diploma..thee he he
STP tak khatam, khayal pegang degree..

Hapa ni dol...
Hati dah gelap sangat ke..
Jgn jadi mcm sorang tu..thee he he

Sampaikan ayat pasal judi pun dia tak jumpa dalam kitab.

A Bit of History

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By FMT staff

KUCHING: They were the eyes and ears of, first, the British and then the Malayan army, way back in 1948, when the forest was infested with Communist insurgents.

The agile Iban trackers carried no guns as they stealthily worked the forest armed with a simple belief that the forest guardians will keep them safe. And keeping more


1Malaya owes damn lot to the people of Sabah and Sarawak.
Damn lot.

But not plot of land.
U want plot of land?
Ask Taib.
He thinks he owns Sarawak.

Kisah Dolu-dolu..

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Mahathir has come full circle – from an ultra back again to an ultra repudiating Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020
Lim Kit Siang Blog

Two events held almost simultaneously today highlighted the two facets in the battle for the hearts and minds of Malaysians – the launching of neo-NEP Perkasa by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at PWTC and the launching of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s book “I, too, am a Malay” (Chinese edition) by Dr. Chen Man Hin in Subang Jaya. the seventies, Ibrahim frantically sought my help as Parliamentary Opposition Leader when he was trying to escape detention under the Internal Security Act for his activities as a student leader...more at LimKitSiangBlog

Broheng Ali??
Broheng Ali Perkasa?

'Frantically' - mengggelupur, ghaplah jingga, kecut teloq..thee he he
Ini dia juara Melayu..
Ini dia champion hak2 Melayu..
Menggelupur mintak tolong kat Lim Kit Siang..
Apa pasal tak mintak tolong kat Musa Hitam..

Broheng sudah 'buang air kecil'..
Broheng pun kecut teloq punya kaki..

Tak payah jadi tok jogho..
Cukuplah jadi baby-sitter mantan mamak bendahara TUNgkek..thee he he
Tak lama lagi dia kena pakai lampin tu..