Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anak TUNgkek. So??

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Marina Mahathir's column spiked by The Star

Hazlan Zakaria
Mar 4, 10

Popular columnist and social activist Marina Mahathir's article for her 'Musings' column in The Star slated for publication today has been spiked by the major English daily.

Perasan popular la pulak..
Baru dia taw..
Baru dia ada hakai..

Musings? what musings?
Never heard. Never came across.

My Petola, Timun & Kacang Panjang - 8 Storey Above The Road Level

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Kacang Panjang



Go green, go cheap, eat less pesticide!
These plants are three weeks old and hung on the window pane.
Now you see, we reap what we sow.
When there's a will, there will be plenty of greens!

Cat Hitam Tumpah

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oleh Jamilah Kamarudin

KUALA LUMPUR 5 Mac - Kemelut MCA yang semakin memuncak dengan perletakan jawatan dua pertiga ahli jawatankuasa pusat MCA semalam memberi petanda bahawa parti itu kini berada di ambang era kegelapan.

Pengarah Strategi KEADILAN Tian Chua berkata perkara itu jelas berikutan kegagalan hala tuju MCA menyelesaikan konflik kepimpinan dalamannya yang melanda sejak tahun lalu.

Samy Vellu suda goyang..MCA dah menuju zaman kegelapan..Nanti 3 Abdul jadi 2 Abdul..thee he he
Dulu ada sawo matang..putih kuning..arang batu
Putih kuning dah buat hal..dah menuju kegelapan

Tapi 1Malaya suda lupa..mudah lupa
Mamak itam jadi itam manis..
Suda tipu 1Malaya 22 tahun..thee he he

Tara tau ka?

Artikel lengkap..

Q & A: Ibrahim Ali with CNN

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Biar benar..Brohing Ali ada title "Dr"..
Duduk bawa tempurung pun ada title "Dr"..
Biar benar, U mana bagi title nih..

Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is on trial in Kuala Lumpur on sodomy charges for a second time, speaks to journalist Wajahat Ali about the controversy and discusses the country's ethnic and religious conflicts as well as issues facing the Muslim world.

By Wajahat Ali for CNN

Wajahat Ali: Dr. Ibrahim, you are currently facing controversial, criminal charges of sodomy in Kuala Lumpur alleged by an ex-aide. The trial is under way as we speak, and the Malaysian press has dubbed this event "Sodomy 2" since you were convicted on similar charges in 1998 (which were overturned by the Supreme Court in 2004). You also served six years in solitary confinement after being convicted in '98 for corruption. First, if there was no truth to these allegations then why would the aide under oath swear and testify in graphic detail to such a sordid event and also be subjected to such humiliation, considering sodomy is both illegal and highly disfavored in Malaysia? Second, if these allegations are "trumped up" (by the ruling coalition) and a sham, as you and your followers have said, why?

Ooooh.. Anwar Ibrahim not Ibrahim Ali..