Sunday, February 28, 2010

Balun Dia Dengan Penyapu

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..nak kena balun ni.

Khir Toyo Urges Petrol Subsidy and GST Relook.

By Adib Zalkapli
Penyalahgunaan Botox
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — Selangor opposition leader Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo called on the federal government to continue subsidising RON 95 petrol while allowing the higher grade RON 97 to be sold at market price.

Ini sudah sumbang..
Salahkan lantai, dah senget..

Joget dah tak berapa betul..tee hee he

Ini sudah silap platform..

Ini mesti elaun minyak kereta kena kontrol..
Ini mesti duit pasar selalu short..thee he he

Tak pun, GST ada kena mengena dgn harga botox..risau kawan..
Harga minyak naik..botox naik harga?
Penempek pun gigi naik harga..
Makanan kambing dah mencanak2 naik harganya..

Tak takut kena balun?
Penyalahgunaan Botox

TUNgkek tak mengapa, dia 'Tun'..thee he he
Li tak mengapa, dia ada 'Ku'..thee he he
'Wak'? thee he he.. 
'Wak' tak laku daa..

'Wak' pipi kena air-brush je yang tengah laku sekarang..! thee he he (guling2 atas tar!!)

Rancangan Jangka Panjang

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Zambry has no exco plan for the ex-PKR 'frog'

TAIPING: Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir said today there will be no reshuffle of the state exco in the near future as they have only been appointed to their respective portfolios quite recently.

He also said that he had no plans to raise the number of the exco members from the present six to 10 which was the usual number for the state government previously.

Tak ada plan..haram tak ada plan
Kena kata "Haram" laaagi...thee he hePlan? Nak plan hapenye? thee he hee he
Perlu plan ke?
Tak takut rugi ke berplan-plan? thee hee he

Jangan kata 'ex-PKR' frogs..
Frog sudah kena patent dgn Brohing Ali.. thee he he

Tak payah plan-plan..
Sebab tempoh kontrak cuma 2 tahun..
Lepas tu tak tau.. boleh compom ke tidak.. thee he he
Kot-kot kena perambat lagi?
Kot-kot orang kampung pulak perambat?

Baik plan bukak kedai roti..
Baik usha-usha mana2 shoplot nak sewa, bukak kedai roti..thee he he
Baik kontek member2 lama kat Madras, kedai roti perlu ramai kuli..
Baik start cari tukang tebar roti awal2..thee he he

Mana boleh sendiri tauke..sendiri tebar roti!!

Kg Sebako of Pulau Bruit, Sarawak

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Kg Sebako is one of the many fishing villages that dotted Pulau Bruit of Sarawak. Kg Sebako got its name from mangrove tree or ‘bakau’ in local lingo.Touted as the second largest island in Malaysia, surprisingly Pulau Bruit lagged in so many aspects in comparison to Pulau Langkawi. Due to its remoteness, not many steps are seeing being taken to develop the island and to raise the standard of living of its inhabitants. Some are still living under the poverty line.

Kg Sebako is located at the river mouth of Sg Sebako, facing the mighty South China Sea. There are a number of jetties along the river to welcome back their fishermen after a hard day’s work at the sea, and visitors, if any. Boats of various shapes and colour moored at those jetties. In the absence of tarred roads, waterway and boats are the main transportation method. For easy accessibility homes are built along the river bank.

Majority of the menfolk in Kg Sebako are fishermen. Traditional fishermen with small boats and light equipments thus limiting their area of work, they couldn't go de. Another source of income for them is to make ‘salai lumek’ or smoked fish. A certain type of fish is used to make this ‘salai lumek’, a Kg Sebako specialty. It can be eaten on its own, fried or as an additional item into some dishes. ‘Salai lumek’ is sold in every corners in Sarikei albeit at a higher price, but it still very much cheaper in Kg Sebako.

There are two grocery stores in Kg Sebako for the people to get their essential household items. They can also opt to go to the nearest town Sarikei, a two hours journey by boat. But some find the fare for the journey is not encouraging. In November and December, supplies are limited due to rainy season and strong waves. Boat service will be interrupted and fishermen will not be able to go to the open sea.

Wooden houses on stilts are the preferred choice here, though in certain area brick houses can be spotted. An cement lane is an alternative to tarred road snaking at the centre of this fishing village. Cars are non-existent. People on foot and motorcycles are the only users of the lane. On both sides of the lane, wooden planks are constructed to connect the houses to the lane.

Here, the population still depends very much on rain to provide them with water for washing, drinking and preparing for food. For some reasons only known to the politician, the people of Kg Sebako up to this date are still denied access to clean piped water. Every household need to have at least one blue-colored PVC tanks to collect rain water. Things can go from bad to worse during dry spell. Their blue-colored tanks will run dry. Clothes still need to be washed, food need to be cooked, so on and so forth. The polluted Sebako river will be their last resort.

As the sun plunged under the horizon, along the sounds of crickets and other insects, there are this constant humming sound produced by generators to generate electricity. Those who can afford a generator will enjoy the luxury of fluorescent lamps and television at night. For those who can’t, they will be contended and make do with oil lamps or with a fee they can connect a cable or two to their more affordable neighbor.

It is indeed saddening at this age and time, some people among us are still don’t have access to tarred road, medical facility, piped water and electricity. Sarawak is rich with its natural resources, like oil, gas and timber. Whatever has happened, only the authorities know the answer. If electricity can be supplied to the sole palm plantation on the other side of the island, why can’t it be not supplied to the villages? On average, locals have to spend RM300-00 a month to buy fuel for the generator, whereas electricity will offer much cheaper price for that duration and less pollution too.

Maybe, since Pulau Bruit is not as marketable as Pulau Langkawi, relevant authorities are turning a blind eye on them. After all, why develop if there is no guaranteed returns? It seems like the people of Pulau Bruit in general, and Kg Sebako in particular will have to endure many more years without those basic amenities.

The Melanaus in Kg Sebako live in a close-knit community. Almost everybody knows everybody. Ever helpful towards each other, eager to lend a hand. Despite all the hardships, smiles are very much in abundance in Kg Sebako.

Satu Ringgit.. Dua Ringgiiiiiiit!

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Roslan Harun

“JUDI adalah haram di sisi agama Islam. Orang-orang Islam, mereka yang berumur di bawah 21 tahun, atau murid-murid sekolah yang berpakaian seragam tidak dibenarkan memasuki premis/ruang ini.”

Saya berada di depan kedai itu selama lima minit, melihat-lihat siapa yang keluar masuk. Sungguh terkejut saya kerana hampir separuh yang masuk dan membeli nombor ramalan, berkulit sawo-matang seperti saya. Ramai yang melindungi wajah dengan memakai topi keledar.
Sekadar gambar hiasan 
Laaaaaaaa...Baru tau agaknya..thee he he
Bukan setakat sawo matang.
Ponggong itam.
Tak suka anjing.
Tak makan daging babi.
Tempoyak tibai.
Budu tibai.
Sorong cencalok, mencekik cencalok.
Orang berpuasa, dia turut berbuka.
Orang beraya, dia turut bakar lemang.

Orang Melayu la tu..thee he he
Kalau Melayu aci potong anu, gerenti Islam.

Ada seekor kutu pernah berkata dalam Bahasa Melayu.
Cakap Bahasa Melayu..thee he he..

"Saya tak pernah jumpa ayat Quran mengharamkan judi"


I Thought It Was "Ikan Maiden"!

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This group was introduced to me by a friend. He is a pilot now. The last time I saw him was somewhere in 1998 at Subang Jaya where we were having a small makan by the lake with the other ex students of SMSTI.

Back in the 80's the rage was heavy metal and rock music though some still clung to pop or new wave music.

I belong to rock/heavy metal crowd, because that was the wise thing to do at that time or you risked being sidelined by your friends. I can't beat them so I joined them. Anyway, I truly enjoy this kind of music to this day. The list will goes on and on.

At that time, as a way to express ourselves or declaring our allegiance to this group or that group or to declare that we are not 'Mat Kuntum/Mat Bunga', we used to scrawl our white shoes and school bag with writings like 'Deep Purple', 'Bon Jovi' etc2.. even the tables, the chairs, the walls were not spared of this writings.

That was how I got to know Iron Maiden! At the first glance on Haidi's school bag, I spotted some writtings in blue, using a ball-point pen of course. The way he scrawled 'R' made me mistaken it for a 'K' and the 'O' for an 'A'.

So I read it as IKAN MAIDEN!!!