Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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Zaid wants Mat Nuar out, Azmin disqualified

The former law minister, who withdrew from the number two contest yesterday, branded Azmin as a “cheat” and an “abuser of the election system”. He also resigned from all party posts.

Zaid ni lemah anti-bodi..thee he he kecik2 dulu tak dapat cucuk BCG

Itu belum kena air gatal berasid warna kuning..

Belum kena cota FRU..

Belum kena telanjang, telor dgn kontol kena gentel.

Belum kena tarbi sampai lebam bijik mata.

Belum kena terajang sampai tergelincir tulang belakang.

Baru kena kelentong dgn Mat Nuar, kena kelentong dgn Azmin.. dah merajuk nak lari rumah..thee he he

Tu belum kena kelentong dgn Broheng Ali lagi! thee he he

“I think Azmin has to be disqualified,” he told a press conference here this morning.

“You cannot -- just because you were caught in a particular division -- decide to hold a re-election there. People who abuse and cheat should be disqualified,” he said.

Zaid was referring to recent allegations that blatant fraud in Libaran, Sandakan and Tawau resulted in Azmin winning a large number of votes in those divisions.

“Miracles have taken place in these three divisions,” he remarked.

“But the verdict is still out on Azmin's leadership. He seems so focused on trying to conquer Putrajaya that he has forgotten how to be of service to party members and the rakyat,” he said.(read more HERE)

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