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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 27 — Selangor utility Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Syabas) launched its Tabung Budi fund last Friday, in a bid to tackle what it sees as the lopsided blanket distribution of free water by the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

Betul tu betul... ramai yang dah sedar..

Menteri2 ramai yang dah sedar, selama ni semua menatang haramjadah free..

Menteri2 nak ganti balik duit petrol free

Toyo pun sama, nak ganti balik tiket dan kos pergi Disney dgn bibik..thee he he

Madey pun nak ganti duit kerajaan buat open house raya selama dia memerintah.. thee he he duit negara tapi kata open house Madey, mana boley...

Musa Itam nak ganti duit Sime Darby yg bayar sewa helikopter dia lenjan kehulu ke hilir ke darat ke baruh....

Menteri2 insaf taubat nasuha.. selama ni anak beranak kemana saja main enjot petrol free

Toyo pun taubat nasuha tak nak buat dah.. tak patot dia mencekik sedap2 dgn anak beranak sampai terbalik pusat kat disney

Madey dah taubat nasuha, dah sedar pungkoq dah pipih.. tulang belakang dah herot.. semua lanjut..

Musa Itam pun dah taubat.. sekarang kehulu kehilir naik teksi!!.


The fund allows Selangor residents who wish to waive their right to free water, to pay for the 20 cubic metres they receive gratis from the state every month, valued at RM11.40. Syabas said it would then use the money collected to help other residents who have no access to clean water.

Syabas corporate affairs executive director Abdul Halim Mat Som said the fund was conceived of during Ramadan earlier this year, when Syabas and Puncak Niaga (M) Sdn Bhd (PNSB) staff decided they would pass their free water entitlements to the needy.

“I am shy to receive free water from government because I’m not the one who needs that,” he said.

“I save RM11.40 every month, so whatever I save every month I feel that there are people out there that actually need this amount.”

Abdul Halim explained Tabung Budi would help those whose water supply has been disconnected due to unpaid bills settle arrears and get back on the grid. This would allow them to enjoy the benefits of free water from the state, he said.

“They don’t actually get free water simply because they don’t get water in their house.”

He gave the example of two Chinese households in Hulu Selangor that were forced to draw water from a well for the past 11 years due to outstanding payments

“The outstanding from 11 years ago is about RM900, so they could not afford to connect the water supply for 11 years. We helped them to connect, we laid new pipes for them and put in a new meter for them,” Abdul Halim said.

“At the same time, we teach them not to waste water, to use water wisely, and we will monitor their usage.”

Abdul Halim was careful to point out that there were checks and balances, including home visits, to first determine if targeted households were truly unable to pay or just chose not to.

He added that while the Tabung Budi account was managed by Syabas’s staff association, an independent special select committee will decide who gets help. It will comprise members of the public, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and Syabas officials. A total of 11 households in Selangor have received assistance since the fund’s inception on August 24 as an internal Syabas and PNSB initiative. The fund has collected over RM350,000 to date.

Abdul Halim also said the fund would only take money for past water usage and not future use, as the rationale behind Tabung Budi was not to take money from one person to pay another’s water bill but to “surrender back” the free water entitlement to those more deserving.

The fund would not accept outright donations, no matter how generous the sum, as that was the “wrong concept”, he said.

“Whatever amount I give is for what I enjoyed, not for the future. If the state government stops giving free water then we have to stop.”

Abdul Halim stressed that Tabung Budi was not a public relations ploy by Syabas, calling the fund a “public initiative” that did not directly involve the water concessionaire.

“For me, as a human being, this is a very good concept, helping each other. I hope it won’t be politicised by parties who want to get support from the public,” he said, in an apparent reference to the ongoing dispute between Syabas and the Selangor government over water consolidation in the state.

“I don’t want this issue to be politicised because it has nothing to do with politics... This was initiated by Syabas staff and Syabas supports [it] because this is a good programme.”

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