Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mandela KURUNG Diri Sendiri

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PRETORIA, Oct 11: A new collection of Nelson Mandela's private papers reveals his years of heartache at missing his family during his 27 years in jail.

Standard la tu.. bab kurung2 ni.. thee he he

Kena tumbuk lumat, karate chop chicken chop..thee he he

Patah riuk tulang belakang, pun ada org kata masih ada tenaga menyondol Saizpool BauKari..thee he he

Mata biru lebam, kena kata buat sendiri, tumbuk sendiri..thee he he

TBH dikata gantung diri sendiri, jerut diri sendiri..

Silap haribulan Altantuy pun boleh bom diri sendiri!.. GAGAGAGAAAGAGA!!! GAHH!

Nasib baik Mandela kena kurung kat South Afrika, kalau kena kena kurung kat 1Malaya..theee he he

Dah lama org tuduh Mandela kurung diri sendiri!

The former South African president's latest memoirs are to be published this week.

Mr Mandela's memoirs are made up of notes and letters he copied into notebooks during his time in prison.

Many of them were confiscated by authorities at the time, but a former security officer handed them back to Mr Mandela six years ago.

They reveal the private man behind the global icon, who struggled with the personal sacrifices he had made for his political activism.

In a letter written to his two daughters in 1969, soon after their mother Winnie Mandela was detained by police, he writes: "For long you may live like orphans without your own home and parents, without natural love, affection and protection mummy used to give you".

In another letter, he wrote: "I feel I have been soaked in gall, every part of me, my flesh, bloodstream, bone and soul, so bitter am I to be completely powerless to help you".

Mr Mandela also wrote of his concern about being portrayed as a saint.

He was released in 1990.

Now aged 92, Mr Mandela is frail and rarely makes public appearances.

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