Friday, August 20, 2010

New Converts CHERISH Ramadhan

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Sunday, 15 August 2010 14:39

LANGKAWI – New converts to Islam are looking forward to Ramadan as they believe fasting could help mould their character.

For Safiah Abdullah, 38, from Nagoya, Japan, who embraced Islam in February last year, this is the second time she is going through Ramadan.

"I am determined not to miss a single day of the fasting this Ramadan now that I am into my second year of being a Muslim," she said.

She was met after attending a Fardhu Ain, Quran and Iqra class conducted by the Langkawi branch Muslim Welfare Organisation Malaysia here today.

Hotel worker, Samsul Salam Abdullah, 57, who converted to Islam in June 2008, believed that fasting could help mould positive values in a person.

Noorhidayah Abdullah, 24, from Bangkok said that fasting not only taught her to refrain from eating, but also to be patient.

She said in a Bernama report that she converted to Islam almost 10 years ago and was still attending classes conducted by Perkim to learn more about the religion.

Noorhidayah, who works in Kota Mahsuri, Malacca, said she became interested in Islam at the age of 14 while attending a school in Ranau, south Thailand, where the majority of students were Muslims.

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