Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to Become ex-PAS Member

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PENGKALAN CHEPA, Aug 10: While Malay-language dailies reported that 194 PAS members had quit to join UMNO in an event in Pulau Tukang Dollah, Kelantan, questions are now being raised over the truth of the news.

Kalau nak jadi bekas ahli PAS, senang sesangat..thee he he

Syarat umur kena lanjut.. lutut longgar.. telinga kena pekak & tuli.. thee he he

Kalau tidak, letih menjawab, "dapat kain sarung 2 helai, beras jati 10 kilo sekampit, duit pengeras RM100-00..."

Pulau Pak Amat chieftain Mohd Nor Dollah said no PAS had joined UMNO during the event attended by Kelantan UMNO liaison chief Mustapa Mohamad.

He explained that they were UMNO supporters who had yet to register as party members in Pengkalan Chepa division, and whose identity cards were collected to formalise their memberships.

“The few names on the paper are neither members nor supporters of PAS," he said, adding that he had also clarified the matter with Pulau Panjang chieftain.

"I was told the number of people who attended the event was only seventy,” he revealed.

Highlighting the report, the Malay dailies splashed photographs of people holding a banner which read "Good bye PAS", accompanied by Mustapa, and UMNO Pengkalan Chepa head Dali Husin.

Nor, once a member of the now-defunt Semangat 46 party, alleged that Dali had compiled names of UMNO supporters from nearby villages to be passed to Mustapa at the event.

“Many were surprised when they were suddenly called ex-PAS members," he said.

PAS Pengkalan Chepa information chief Azmi Nor said the incident showed UMNO was bankrupt of new ideas to revive support for the party and their action only amused the locals.

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