Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Avoid The IDIOT Box During Ramadan

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MANAMA, Aug 23: A Kuwaiti religious scholar has urged Muslims to avoid watching Ramadan drama serials on television, to ensure their fast is not wasted.

The dramas include episodes which violate Islamic teachings and viewers could be denied the full Ramadan rewards, said Shaikh Nadhem Al Mesbah.

"Muslims should be engaged in meaningful activities during the holy month. It is wrong to invest time watching undesirable films, plus the so-called Ramadan serials," he said.

"Ramadan is a great month; hence such activities should not be dominant, considering they have become the source of problems with youths," he was quoted by the Kuwaiti media as saying.

Several religious figures have warned against the increasing influence of TV dramas, which are usually watched during the month Ramadan in particular, when people tend to stay up late and wait for suhoor.

"People should profit from the high spirituality normally associated with the month instead of wasting their time over trivial things," added Shaikh Nadhem.

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