Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chairman - Manusia BANGKU

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'Chairman wood' - Manusia bangku dan KAYU.
'Chairman dead wood' - Manusia bangku, kayu dan 'mati keras'

KUALA LUMPUR: Felda chairman Mohd Yusof Noor today cited consistency as one of the main reasons for the land development agency's survival, thus far and well into the future.

Apa yang konsisten..thee he he

Tau ke makna 'consistent'..

Cukup gemar betul puak-puak ni dengan 'con'..thee he he

Kalau dah jadi bangku kayu, apa yang tau..

Duit bilion-bilion tinggal ratus-ratus pun, masih 'consistent'..thee he he

'Con-toll' dia lah 'consistent'!!

thee he he he heeee he..

He said Felda's investments were undertaken with care and consistency by an investment committee after a thorough study, and not by any individual.

"We have to go through a professional group which does a study and then makes the decision on investment.

"The investments so far have brought good returns. None has been a burden," he said in an interview at the Felda headquarters here.

He said Felda Global Ventures Holdings Sdn Bhd was set up to facilitate investments abroad in fields such as the plantation, hotel, property and catering sectors.

"Felda Global was set up to expedite investments. We will lose out if we are slow, and the losers will be the new generation. This is a fundamental measure to nurture Felda for the future because the investments will benefit the generations to come," he said.

Yusof said Felda had the capacity to garner an income of RM10 billion to RM15 billion annually, depending on crude palm oil prices, and at least RM1 billion of it would be net profit.

As such, he said, the allegation of Felda being bankrupt was incorrect and was merely a political agenda of certain quarters which wanted to find fault with the government.

"The allegation was political in nature and shocking. We want to know bankrupt in what sense? If it is money, we have money. Felda's activities are not stagnating but increasing. Can we do so if we are bankrupt?" he said when commenting on the "Felda bankrupt" news carried by "Suara Keadilan", the organ of PKR recently.

Yusof said Felda's cash position was RM1.5 billion a year to run the organisation which incurred an administrative cost of RM500 million annually to maintain its assets, including palm oil mills.

"The administrative cost is RM500 million a year. However, there are other costs, for social activities, because Felda not only manages plantations but also assists the community," he said.

- Bernama

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