Monday, July 26, 2010

Anything But LIVERPOOL

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No Liverpool fans pls, says company

An intriguing condition a Singaporean digital media company, Nom Nom Media, listed on its job advertisement has surprised interested applicants.

Below the usual requirements like communication skills, "able to work independently" and "passion in the media industry", they also list an "important" quality:

"Must not be a Liverpool fan :P"

While attaching the emoticon with its tongue sticking out makes it seem like a prank more than a serious requirement, it generated concern with at least one candidate.

Jobseeker Liaw Shi Xiong, 25, said it seemed a little arbitrary to choose an applicant based on which football team he supported.

Although he is a big fan of Manchester United, he said he will not choose to work in a company just because it supports the same football club.

But he also thinks it is just a prank.

"I think it is just a joke, but it is cute. I can tell the company has a sense of humour, so the working environment should be fun," he said.

In fact, the humour is evident in the entire posting put up on July 1, which is titled "We are hiring (still need more help in conquering the world)".

The company website also explains that their name "Nom Nom" is Internet lingo for "when somebody is eating good food and enjoying it".

So rather than an unreasonable request, it could simply be a company signalling that they don't want applicants who take themselves too seriously.

- AsiaOne

Published July 10 2010

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