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Go Make Money Somewhere Else

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Remove the politicians from education

By Deborah Loh | 27 July 2010 |  The Nut Graph

VARIOUS concerns about Malaysia’s education system emerged from the The Nut Graph‘s latest forum, Found in Conversation: Creativity and Innovation in Education. But they all centred on a key and not unfamiliar complaint: that education is too politicised.

Whether concerns were about the curriculum, the lack of critical thinking, obsession with scoring As, lack of sex education, or ill-equipped teachers, the forum panelists agreed that Malaysia’s education system is too highly centralised. Teaching and learning is rigidly top-down, from the Education Ministry to teachers, and from teachers to students. Decisions lie with politicians and not with other stakeholders like parents, they said.
“If there was one thing you could do to improve the way children are educated, what would it be?” was the question that kicked off the forum on 25 July 2010 in Kuala Lumpur. The panelists were 3R executive producer and social commentator Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir; educator and Five Arts Centre co-founder Datin Marion D’Cruz; and homeschool practitioner KV Soon. It was moderated by The Nut Graph editor Jacqueline Ann Surin.

Chicken Coming Home to Roost So SOOOON

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Anak sapa ni?
Sapa mak dia? Bapak dia pulak?..thee he he
Sekolah mana?
Bertudung kepala? yg lain tak cover??..thee he he

Betul ke dah bertunang?? Mana tunang?..thee he he
Tunang dah tak tahan ke??..thee he he citarasa pelik-pelik

Tahan bau berak tak basuh 2 hari??


Nama dirahsiakan buat sementara waktu

Apa HEBATnya Mat Nuar Ni? Pening BN.

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from Kes Liwat Anwar Antara Sebab Pelaburan Asing Jatuh di Malaysia

Majoritas rakyat terkejut dengan laporan Bangsa2 Bersatu yang terbaru. Buat pertama kali, kemasukan pelaburan asing ke Malaysia tinggi sedikit dari Timur Leste, Myammar dan Cambodia. Buat pertama kali dalam sejarah, kemasukan pelabur asing lebih tinggi di Filipina dari Malaysia.

Banyak sebab kita boleh sebut, tetapi keadaan kehakiman Malaysia yang tidak diyakini kebebasannya. Kes Liwat 2 Anwar Ibrahim menunjukkan betapa jahanamnya institusi kehakiman dan keadilan di Malaysia.

Bagaimana hakim boleh membiarkan kes Liwat 2 ini berjalan sedangkan sudah ada dua laporan kesihatan yang menafikan Saiful Al KAzzab diliwat? Juga, pihak pendakwaraya membuat pendakwaan yang bersalahan dengan kenyataan Saiful sendiri yakni beliau dipaksa untuk diliwat dan banyak lagi.

Sekirannya sistem kehakiman Malaysia tidak jauh beza dengan kehakiman di Myammar, Cambodia dan Uganda, maka tiada pelabur mahu terus melabur jutaan ringgit di sebuah negara sebegini.

Tidak hairanlah semakin lama semakin banyak pelaburan asing ditarik keluar dari Malaysia. Apabila mahkamah Malaysia tidak jauh bezanya dengan sarang pelacuran, hanya orang yang tidak siuman sahaja yang mahu terus melabur di Malaysia.

Kalau terus UMNO memerintah, maka selepas ini FDI di Malaysia hanya dapat digambar dengan Timor Leste dan Myammar.

Ini kita belum bincang pasal korupsi lagi ni. Tetapi ikutilah atu komen yang saya kutip dari Malaysianinsider:

sreejit · 6 hours ago
If the lower figure indicated "higher quality" investments which brings with it transfer of technology and speed up the country's pace to be a developed nation, isn't it highly probable that the BN government would be spinning the news and squeezing every political point?The fact is, the FDI scene is virtually dead, with no major investments made by MNCs etc in 2009. We are effectively trapped in the "middle income trap".

Mr Sankaran, the foreign investor is a cold fish, he only wants hard returns from his investments - there are no sentimentalism in his choices. He GOES where his money grows. After 52 years of BN rule, everyone knows corruption is rampant and that is a huge cost to doing business. The judiciary is wounded and Mr Sankaran, I am sure you are aware that foreigners prefer arbitration in Singapore than hope for redress in the local courts. Need I mention PKFZ, Sime Darby, Teoh Beng Hock, custodial police deaths, the Perak power grab, the sham trial of Anwar Ibrahim, the rise of Perkasa, all of which happened under your beloved PM's watch? Mr Sankaran, one must give credit to the foreigner for he knows more than you think he knows about our country. Why, he would rather park his cash in Indonesia which is quickly becoming a favourite destination for FDI :).


Tulang Besi the writer of blog

Believe It OR Not?

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Yogi survives 70 years without food and water.

AHMEDABAD, India – An 83-year-old Indian holy man who says he has spent seven decades without food or water has astounded a team of military doctors who studied him during a two-week observation period.

Prahlad Jani spent a fortnight in a hospital in the western India state ofGujarat under constant surveillance from a team of 30 medics equipped with cameras and closed circuit television.

During the period, he neither ate nor drank and did not go to the toilet.

"We still do not know how he survives," neurologist Sudhir Shah told reporters after the end of the experiment. "It is still a mystery what kind of phenomenon this is."

The TALIBAN That We Dont Know

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by Fahad Ansari / Crescent International

No single Islamic movement has generated as much controversy in the times we live in than the Taliban in Afghanistan. From their rise to power in 1996 through their toppling in 2001 and to their recent re-emergence and increasing authority, voices within the Muslim world have differed as to their importance and the level of support which should be afforded to them.

A large part of this confusion is due to the near total ignorance that many have as to who the Taliban are and what they actually stand for. The stereotypical narrative of the movement as propagated by the US government and its allies is that the movement consists of a group of uneducated backward war-mongering mullahs who wish to gain power to impose oppressive rule on the Afghan people.

With the war in Afghanistan having no end in sight and the number of body-bags returning to Washington and London increasing daily, policy makers and political analysts have recently had to revisit such superficial prejudiced views and instead try and understand the true nature and aims of the Taliban.


One of the common misconceptions about the Taliban is that they were only formed as a movement in 1994. In reality, the Taliban were a distinct group who fought alongside other mujahideen groups in the jihad against the Soviet Union. What distinguished them from the other factions was their focus on learning and teaching alongside actual fighting. For them jihad was not just about fighting but also required a strong educational perspective as well as a provision for justice.

Anyone who wished to fight on the Taliban front would have to comply with their strict routine of prayer and study which filled their lives when they were not fighting. Even in the course of the war, the Taliban had set up their own judicial system and settled disputes among ordinary people as well as the other mujahideen.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mystery of Imam Ghazali's Grave

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DR MUZAFFAR IQBAL is the founder-president of Center for Islam and Science, Canada, and editor of Islam & Science, a journal on science and civilization from Islamic perspectives. He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has held academic and research positions at University of Saskatchewan (1979-1984), University of Wisconsin-Madison (1984-85), and McGill University (1986). During 1990-1999, he lived and worked in Pakistan, first as Director (Scientific Information) for the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) and later as a director at Pakistan Academy of Sciences. He is currently working on a major project, Integrated Encyclopedia of the Qur'an.

He lies buried in an unmarked grave in the middle of a farmer's field. The first time I visited Tus to visit his grave at the Haruniye, where a small grave-like structure merely said: "a place of remembrance for Imam Ghazali", I was lucky to find a guide who told me of a recent archaeological find that led to conclusive rejection of this place being the burial place of one of Islam's most influential thinkers, whose works have inspired generations of scholars during the last thousand years.

Imam Ghazali's mausoleum in Tus, present-day Iran

The middle-aged tourist guide, busy with a European tourist had then told me to "go over there, to the left of Firdawsi's tomb, pass through the town, and go out to the broken mud wall."
It was a beautiful winter day and the walk back to the famous tomb of Firdawsi was not difficult. However, when I turned left and found myself in the ancient city of Tus, with a few houses on both sides of the road and old men sitting in front of shops, it was suddenly an entrance into a world of previous centuries.
Tus, the birthplace of Imam Ghazali and numerous other luminaries of Islam, was a small town unlike any other I had seen in Iran: a feeling of serene silence, a dip in history, a remembrance of times past.
I had then walked through the street until I reached the broken mud wall of the old city which had stood there for at least a thousand years. There were signs of archaeological digging just before the wall.
Khurasan's archaeological department had discovered the ruins of an ancient castle and a few workers were restoring that building. It was, however, not until I crossed over the road and went outside the mud wall that I saw a few bricks lying in a vast and empty field that I finally reached an inner state of presence with the Imam.
It was still. The air was clean and there was nothing under the blue sky more enchanting than that empty and field where a few bricks were lying around a hole that someone had started to dig but then abandoned.
I walked towards the bricks and found the remains of an old grave with a few bricks lying around it. Someone had written "Imam Ghazali" with small ancient bricks. Other than that, there was no sign. The hole had been left untouched for months, as there were no signs of any new digging or unearthing of the parched clay around it.
But it was an inner certitude, filled with the spiritual presence of a man whose greatest work, Ihya Ulum al-Din, was written at a time when the entire Muslim world was experiencing one of its most difficult situations and the Mongol hordes were just about to overrun the entire eastern lands of Islam in the following century.
On that winter morning, I had spent the first half of the day at that spot, where Imam Ghazali was buried in AD 1111 by a few people who had seen him pass the last years of his life in relative peace and isolation after his famous and celebrated escape from Baghdad, where he held the most prestigious academic position of the time at the Nizamiye.
In his autobiography, Imam Ghazali was to recount the details of how he had experienced a spiritual crisis while teaching in Baghdad and how he had decided to leave Baghdad silently.
Scholars have poured over al-Manqid min al-Dalal for centuries to elaborate details of this fascinating man's spiritual travail but what is most amazing is that Imam Ghazali was to write his greatest works after recovery from his spiritual crisis in this relatively small town in the final years of his life, thus leaving behind a legacy that remains one of the most intense and deep encounter of a Muslim sage with the life and times of successive generations; Imam Ghazali and his Ihya remain relevant to our times just as they were to his.
That first visit in 1999 was followed by four others. And thus when I arrived at his grave again on July 21, 2010, it was a sort of returning to the familiar physical and spiritual landscape. Over these years, and during my periodic visits, I saw the development of plans to build a dome over the grave. But today, a few other discoveries were awaiting.
The archaeological department of Khurasan has now built a foundational wall for a planned dome or building. One side of the wall is almost five feet high. But within the walled area, there were the remains of a centuries-old structure which I had never seen before.
It was as if the old structure had just emerged from the ground since my last visit three years ago. Made with small bricks of the special kind used for the shrines of revered persons, these remains could have been that of a dome. Scattered around these remains were blue pieces of old decoration, suggesting that the grave was not left unattended at least at some point in history, either before or after the Mongols passed through Tus on their way to Baghdad in 1258.
Was there a proper dome constructed over the grave in 1111, the year of al-Ghazali's death or shortly afterwards and was that building looted, plundered, and destroyed by the Mongols, or were the dome and shrine constructed decades or even centuries after their devastating journey through Tus?
A pen box belonging to Imam Ghazali, preserved in the Cairo museum.
All this remains to be determined. The blue of the glazed tiles, the scattered remains of the old structure and many other details around the grave can provide clues, if they are not lost before expert help arrives.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Anything But LIVERPOOL

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No Liverpool fans pls, says company

An intriguing condition a Singaporean digital media company, Nom Nom Media, listed on its job advertisement has surprised interested applicants.

Below the usual requirements like communication skills, "able to work independently" and "passion in the media industry", they also list an "important" quality:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Your PUSAT Is Your Center of Gravity

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Belly-buttons Key to Success In Sport 
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 23:15

Ethiopia's Genzebe Dibaba runs during the junior women's race at the 37th International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) in 2009.
WASHINGTON – Scientists have found the reason why blacks dominate on the running track and whites in the swimming pool: it's in their belly-buttons, a study published Monday shows.

What's important is not whether an athlete has an innie or an outie but where his or her navel is in relation to the rest of the body, says the study published in the International Journal of Design and Nature and Ecodynamics.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ini Lagi Melantun LANTUN

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Alex Ferguson said: "Pasai apa? Awat?? Awat bodo melantun lantun?"

Islamic authorities have no plans to issue an edict banning Manchester United jerseys in Malaysia despite recent tabloid reports that Muslims have been urged not to wear the Premier League club's shirts because the emblem features a devil.

Cakap dolak dalik.. sekejap boleh, esok tak boleh, hari ni SELARAS, esok tak boleh SELARAS..thee he he

Ini mufti ka tok peti? ..thee he he

Habis 1Malaya kalau mufti macam ni..

Hari ini confirm raya, tup tup tarik balik..thee he he

Kalau dah HARAM..haram la, mana boleh jadi HARAMSANASINI..

Kalau HARUS..tetap harus, mana boleh jadi HARUSSANASSINI..thee he he heeee he eh he hee

"We just advise people not to wear this," he told The Associated Press on Friday. "Satan is for us our enemy ... It's the wrong value. Satan is always bad."

You SINK, SINK lah

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We can swim one, what..


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Saripah Raps Pas & PKR Leaders

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 JULY, 2010: A senator today hit out at PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leaders in Penang for having no guts to speak up on the fate of the Malays in the state.

"Set aside your political interest. This is not a question of narrow political struggle but the fate of the Malays who are being oppressed (in Penang). Where are these Malay leaders when the homes of the Kampung Jalan Pokok Asam residents are to be demolished, whereas they vehemently defended the Kampung Puah Pala case?

Ini senator cap ayam..

Bodoh melantun-lantun sangat..thee he he macam mana jadi senator..ada orang dalam ke..

Tiba2 nak jadi juara kampung Melayu..kenapa tak jadi juara Kg Berembang..Kg Chubadak..thee he he

Malay rights pala bana sapa?

Pala bana sapa buat PPSMI..Pala bana sapa jual 2 blok minyak kat Brunei..Pala bana sapa gadai Tanjung Pagar..

Senator ni duduk rumah diam2, SELARASkanlah pala bana..thee he he he he

"Where is the voice of the other Malay opposition leaders who are supposed to struggle for their race,
religion and country? This is not about racism, but about protecting Malay rights," said Senator Datuk Saripah Aminah Syed Mohamed when debating on the Tenth Malaysia Plan in the Dewan Negara today.

Friday, July 23, 2010


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Strong my foot!

Bad FDI news for Malaysia: Down by 81 percent in 2009

By Aidila Razak | Malaysiakini

A nosedive in foreign direct investments in Malaysia in 2009 follows a continued downward trend in FDI, increasingly overshadowed by regional players, noted a United Nations report.

According to the World Investment Report 2010 unveiled today, FDI plunged 81 percent from US$7.32 billion (RM23.47 billion*) in 2008 to just US$1.38 billion (RM4.43 billion) last year.
(*Calculated based on exchange rate of US$1 = RM3.20650)

The 2009 FDI is less than half of the annual average FDI inflow between 1995 to 2005, which encompasses the long recovery period following the 1997 economic crisis.

Malaysia’s performance also pales in comparison with neighbouring economies like Thailand and Indonesia whose FDI figures did not contract as severely, despite the global financial crisis.

Thailand suffered a decline of US$4.44 billion (RM14.24 billion) while Indonesia saw a more modest drop of US$2.60 billion (RM8.32 billion) in foreign investments in 2009.

The severe dip also places Malaysia in the red for the first time in the last 15 years, with figures for cumulative FDI (see chart right) surpassing incoming investments by about US$1 billion (RM3.21 billion).

Doubts over high income target

Speaking at the UN Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today, Universiti Malaya economist Rajah Rasiah (at podium in photo) said that Malaysia’s poor performance casts doubts over whether it can achieve the targets set to achieve high income status.

SELARASKAN Dengan Gambir

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Lawatan sehari gagal selesaikan masalah Penan

'Belumpun siasatan mendalam dijalankan, Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat Sharizat Abdul Jalil menafikan kewujudan kes baru. Seterusnya, Timbalannya Heng Seai Kie seperti biasa mendakwa bahawa dirinya akan meneliti isu ini. Akhirnya, Perdana Menteri Najib Razak mengumumkan bahawa "lawatan satu hari" akan diadakan ke perkampungan Penan, untuk menunjukkan keprihatinannya terhadap orang Penan.'

Chou Z Lam | Jul 22, 2010 06:53:56 pm

Reaksi pembaca Cina amat berbeza, selepas Kumpulan Sokongan Penan mendedahkan tujuh kes lagi pencabulan seksual terhadap wanita Penan oleh pekerja pembalakan. Misalnya, majalah agama (buddha) Pumen yang jarang menyentuh isu hak asasi manusia dan politik, mula memperuntukkan kolum untuk memperkenalkan kaum asli dan masalah yang dihadapi mereka.

Pergi Paris boleh shopping berbelas hari..

Singapore boleh duduk berhari2..

Pergi kampung Penan sehari cukup lah..thee he he

Boleh jugak beli gambir..

Dah selalu kena komplen..thee he he dah tak SELARAS

Dah tak mau SELARAS.. susah nak SELARAS.. buat la macam mana pun, tak SELARAS-SELARAS jugak!


Malah, majalah popular FRENDS juga menghubungi saya, menyatakan niat mereka untuk memberi liputan kepada isu pencabulan seksual terhadap wanita Penan. Tidak kurang juga pertubuhan sosial dan pelajar yang juga mula prihatin terhadap situasi golongan minoriti. Reaksi-reaksi yang memberangsangkan ini menunjukkan bahawa masyarakat arus perdana mula mengambil berat nasib golongan minoriti.

Boney M Song Censored

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By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion.
By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion.
When the wicked
Carried us away in captivity
Required from us a song
Now how shall we sing the lord's song in a strange land
When the wicked
Carried us away in captivity
Requiering of us a song
Now how shall we sing the lord's song in a strange land
Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart
be acceptable in thy sight here tonight
Let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our hearts
be acceptable in thy sight here tonight
By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion.
By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion.
By the rivers of Babylon (dark tears of Babylon)
there we sat down (You got to sing a song)
ye-eah we wept, (Sing a song of love)
when we remember Zion. (Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
By the rivers of Babylon (Rough bits of Babylon)
there we sat down (You hear the people cry)
ye-eah we wept, (They need that ???)
when we remember Zion. (Ooh, have the power)

When the iconic 1970s disco group Boney M rocked Ramallah this week, the local music festival prevented the band from performing one of its biggest hits.

Lead singer Maizie Williams said Palestinian concert organizers told her not to sing "Rivers of Babylon." The song's chorus quotes from the Book of Psalms, referring to the exiled Jewish people's yearning to return to the biblical land of Israel.

Palestinians often question the Jewish historical connection to the Holy Land. Organizers said they asked for the song to be skipped, deeming it "inappropriate."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Anwar Ibrahim's Trial Means for Asia - Al Gore

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Anwar Ibrahim is one of the most enlightened and visionary political leaders in Asia and yesterday former U.S. Ambassador John Malott argued persuasively that the US should stand with Anwar Ibrahim. I could not agree more. Malott writes in the Wall Street Journal (July 19, 2010):

“Already convicted by the government-controlled media, Mr. Anwar and his defense team have been denied access to the evidence that the government possesses, including police and medical reports, surveillance tapes, and even the witness list. Malaysia does not have a jury system. The verdict will be rendered by one judge, appointed by the same government that wants to remove Mr. Anwar from the political scene.”

Chairman - Manusia BANGKU

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'Chairman wood' - Manusia bangku dan KAYU.
'Chairman dead wood' - Manusia bangku, kayu dan 'mati keras'

KUALA LUMPUR: Felda chairman Mohd Yusof Noor today cited consistency as one of the main reasons for the land development agency's survival, thus far and well into the future.

Apa yang konsisten..thee he he

Tau ke makna 'consistent'..

Cukup gemar betul puak-puak ni dengan 'con'..thee he he

Kalau dah jadi bangku kayu, apa yang tau..

Duit bilion-bilion tinggal ratus-ratus pun, masih 'consistent'..thee he he

'Con-toll' dia lah 'consistent'!!

thee he he he heeee he..

He said Felda's investments were undertaken with care and consistency by an investment committee after a thorough study, and not by any individual.

"We have to go through a professional group which does a study and then makes the decision on investment.

18 Monkeys minus Bruce Willis

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A cute adorable titi monkey.

A man with a mysterious bulge under his T-shirt was stopped, searched and detained at Mexico City's international airport after authorities found 18 tiny endangered monkeys in a girdle he was wearing.

The Public Safety Department said in a statement Monday that 38-year-old Roberto Cabrera arrived on a commercial flight Friday from Lima, Peru, when authorities noticed the bulge and conducted a body search.

The department says Cabrera was carrying the 6-inch (15-centimeter) titi monkeys in pouches attached to the girdle. Two of the monkeys were dead.

Kopi BERAK Musang, Anyone?

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Indonesia's top Islamic body declared Tuesday that Muslims can drink civet coffee - the world's most expensive coffee, which is extracted from the dung of civet cats.

A preacher recently suggested the beverage might not be "halal" - or religiously approved - because its provenance makes it unclean.

But after a long discussion Tuesday, the influential Indonesian Ulema Council said that the coffee, known locally as Kopi Luwak, could be consumed as long as the beans were washed.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mungkin TGNA Kansel Main Golf. MUNGKIN

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Jangan lupa pakai serban lilit tebal-tebal.

Akibat terlupa pakai serban. Pakai songkok tinggi.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 21: Pro-UMNO Malay daily Utusan Malaysia has again misquoted an opposition leader, this time twisting a statement by PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi to suggest that he was for PAS to join UMNO for the sake of Malay-Muslim unity.

Ini kisah pemuda berahi.. thee he he

Ini kisah pemuda yang tak reti-reti bahasa.. thee he he

Pemuda berahi yang lupa sejarah..thee he he

Pemuda berahi yang patut 'dipadankan muka'!..thee he he

Yang dilayan paper Utusang Malayalam buat hape??

Pergi tanya TG Nik Aziz.. jadi ke bawak keluar kayu golf??

GA GA GA!! Gagagagagaga!!....ggggaaa ggaaagaaaa..

Writing in his blog, Nasrudin had asked UMNO to join Pakatan Rakyat if they were sincere in forging unity, a far cry from what Utusan reported today.

“Why not the current UMNO leadership take the lead and emulate PAS by joining the coalition for the sake of Malay unity during the era of Tun Abdul Razak.

What Anwar's Trial Means for Malaysia

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From Wall Street Journal

A guilty verdict would be a serious step backwards for this aspiring Muslim democracy.

The trial of Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s opposition leader and his nation’s best-known and most respected international figure, is scheduled to resume this week in Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian press dubs the affair “Sodomy II,” for it appears to be a repeat of the Muslim democrat’s 1998-99 trials, when he was convicted on corruption and sexual charges. Sentenced to 15 years in prison, Mr. Anwar later had his conviction overturned, and he was released after six years in solitary confinement.

I was the U.S. ambassador to Malaysia when Mr. Anwar first was arrested and put on trial, and everything I knew then and know now leads me to conclude that this trial also is an attempt to sideline him politically.

Already convicted by the government-controlled media, Mr. Anwar and his defense team have been denied access to the evidence that the government possesses, including police and medical reports, surveillance tapes, and even the witness list. Malaysia does not have a jury system. The verdict will be rendered by one judge, appointed by the same government that wants to remove Mr. Anwar from the political scene.

While a handful of human rights groups and some Australian parliamentarians have condemned the trial, there has been little interest at the broader international level. The Obama administration has been silent.

When I visited Malaysia last month, it was clear that Mr. Anwar and most observers expect a guilty verdict in August. At that point, the question is whether he remains free on bail during his appeal or is jailed immediately.

A charismatic campaigner, Mr. Anwar led his coalition to near victory in Malaysia’s last parliamentary elections in 2008, when the opposition took 47% of the popular vote and gained 62 seats. The government’s new political game plan seems to be to put Mr. Anwar in jail and the opposition in disarray, call snap elections, and ride to victory.

Today Malaysia gets little attention in the world press. The lingering image is of an Asian economic success story, a moderate Islamic country and aspiring democracy, and a multiracial society in which harmony prevails. Unfortunately, that is not the case today. Malaysia is a nation adrift.

Once one of the world’s dynamos, Malaysia’s economy has underperformed over the past decade, with an average annual growth rate of 4.5%. Much of that growth was the result of government spending, which has pushed Malaysia’s debt level to 54% of GDP. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has remained relatively flat over the past 15 years, while flows into Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam have soared. To make matters worse, Malaysia experienced a net outflow of $6 billion in FDI capital in 2008.

Malaysia desperately needs to upgrade its skills base and innovation capabilities, but almost 500,000 Malaysians—nearly 2% of the population—left their country for good between 2007 and 2009. Malaysian experts believe most of these émigrés were skilled ethnic Chinese and Indian Malaysians, concerned by economic decline and growing racial and religious tensions.

Worried about losing political support, the ruling party has responded by appealing to the baser instincts of the country’s Malay Muslim majority. For example, it told Malaysia’s Christians that they may no longer use the word “Allah” for God, even though the word existed in Arabic long before Islam arose. A new militant group called Perkasa, which claims that Malay rights are under threat from the Chinese and Indian minorities, has won backing from former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and other members of the ruling party.

For Malaysia and the world, there is more at stake in Mr. Anwar’s trial than whether one person is convicted. Malaysia is at a crossroads. The road that it chooses matters not only for some 30 million Malaysians, but for the entire world. The country could be a model for the 600 million people of Southeast Asia and for the entire Muslim world, if it returns to the promising course it was on 15 years ago. But a guilty verdict for Mr. Anwar means that the corruption and cronyism that now pervade Malaysia, its lack of political freedom and its economic decline, will continue. The country’s non-Malay citizens will continue to seek a better haven overseas.

In 1998, Mr. Anwar said, “If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.” That is no less true today. If Mr. Anwar is denied his freedom, then Malaysians will continue to be denied their freedom and the country its promise.


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Khir berjimat cermat makan pasir Ulu Langat bertahun-tahun untuk memiliki banglo tersergam ini. Manakala bini dikerah buat MLM jual sabun dan kicap untuk belanja dapur. Anak-anak pula dibekalkan dengan timun 10 batang seorang ke sekolah untuk dijual untuk menampung belanja persekolahan masing-masing. Jangan lah sebut Disneyland, gerenti kena pelempang!

Sebagai sumber tambahan, Khir mengambil upah cabut gigi orang-orang tua.

By Rahmah Ghazali

PETALING JAYA: Mining for tin in Selangor is more trouble than it is worth, according to former menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.

Ini bahasa orang dengki.. thee he he

Melombong pasir, jumpa bijih, kemudian melombong bijih, rugi? Rugi kepala bana sapa? Rugi aplancau??

Memang dengki lahanat la tu..thee he he

Dengki kat orang melombong pasir, kemudian dapat melombong bijih, kemudian bila bijih habis tapak lombong gerenti berkawah besar..thee he he

Boleh buat industri bela ikan air tawar pulak.. bela buaya pun boleh..ternak lintah..thee he he

Cuma satu jangan diternak..thee he he

Spesies Broheng Ali.

Gagagaga!! ga ga ga! ga! gaagagaagaaaggaa!!!!

Responding to an allegation that Barisan Nasional had a hidden agenda in calling for a stop in sand mining on state lands, he said sand fetched more income than tin.

Yesterday, in a memorandum to the state government, a committee representing licensed contractors in sand-related businesses, accused BN of trying to prevent the discovery of tin deposits while Selangor was still under Pakatan Rakyat rule.

TG Nik Aziz Main GOLF

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1,2,3 .. libas!! TGNA melibas!

Pemuda PAS sokong perpaduan
Oleh Haspaizi Mohd Zain
berita hairan

Muka Tiger Woods kena libas kayu golf.

Harap pertemuan Muhyiddin, Nik Aziz jadi kenyataan, tingkat kerjasama

KUALA LUMPUR: Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat menyokong pertemuan kepemimpinan parti itu dengan UMNO untuk membincangkan cadangan supaya kedua-dua parti menjalin kerjasama bagi memastikan perpaduan orang Melayu dan umat Islam.

Macam berpakat-pakat...thee he hee.. "you bersuara this year, next year nanti I pulak"..

Tahun lepas Si Nasha..thee he he tahun ini si Nasru..thee he he

Nasha & Nasru.. pejuang Islam & Melayu, masih menjelejeh air liur kena umpan dengan UMNO, masih mau cari haru biru.. thee he he

Tak habis-habis dengan tajuk "Melayu"!

Ketuanya, Nasruddin Hassan, berharap pertemuan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dengan Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat akan menjadi kenyataan sebagai langkah awal untuk memulakan pertemuan yang lebih banyak selepas itu.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


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Disini harga teh tarik masih lagi 5 posen

Harga roti tisu ni dari dulu 6 kupang, tak naik naik..

PUTRAJAYA 19 Julai - Sebanyak 17 persatuan peniaga yang mewakili 500,000 ahli memberi jaminan tidak akan menaikkan harga barangan jualan mereka ekoran pelarasan harga gula minggu lepas.

Kalau nak bodoh, bodoh lah sorang sorang..thee he he

Jangan ajak jiran2, sanak sedara, rakyat 1Malaya bodoh sama..

Paling tidak pun, berbodohlah anda bersama keluarga anda sahaja..thee he he

Peniaga mana rela untung kena kerat? apek mana? mamak naina mana?..thee he he

Tiap2 bulan buat untung RM10,000.. tup tup start bulan ni untung RM6,000..thee he he

Jadi nak bagi tau 1Malaya yg apek & mamak naina ni masih boleh ketawa gembira guling2 hempas2 badan??

Appa da dey!! Dengan menteri menteri kena auta dgn persatuan.

 Jaminan itu turut diberikan oleh 17 wakil syarikat pengeluar makanan dan minuman utama di negara ini dalam satu pertemuan dengan Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob di sini, hari ini.

Pada sidang akhbar selepas pertemuan selama sejam itu, Ismail Sabri berkata, komitmen yang diumumkan oleh persatuan dan pengeluar terbabit diharap melegakan orang ramai.

Duduk Rumah Pun Kena PAU

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Suri rumah boleh mencarum KWSP

Oleh Faridzwan Abdul Ghafar

KUALA LUMPUR: Suri rumah kini boleh mencarum dalam Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) menerusi Skim Simpanan Persaraan 1Malaysia yang sebelum ini dikhususkan untuk golongan bekerja sendiri dan tiada pendapatan tetap.

Bangangnya EPF..thee he he

Dah tak ada idea lagi dah nak mencari sumber..

Ini suri rumah pun nak dikapor..

Nampak benar negara kita nak bengkrap..thee he he

Ini kurikulum baru untuk suri rumah..thee he he, KBSR

Kapor Beg-duit Suri Rumah!! ga!

Duduk rumah pun kena, siang malam pagi petang kena PAU!

Menerusi skim itu, pencarum bukan saja menerima dividen tahunan, malah menikmati sumbangan tambahan sebanyak lima peratus daripada kerajaan dan tertakluk kepada jumlah maksimum RM60 setahun untuk tempoh lima tahun bermula tahun ini hingga 2014.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif KWSP, Tan Sri Azlan Zainol, berkata pencarum skim berkenaan tidak disyaratkan menyimpan secara bulanan, sebaliknya boleh mencarum pada bila-bila masa dari serendah RM50 dan maksimum RM5,000 sebulan.


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This is  a stunning piece of art.

"That 2,000 Yard Stare" painted by Tom Lea, World War Two, 1944. 

The painting is among about 300 paintings by U.S. servicemen and women that will be unveiled to the public for the first time at Philadelphia's National Constitution Center in September. The paintings have been selected from about 15,000 collected by the U.S. Army since the 1840s. Most have never been on public display. "Art of the American Soldier" focuses on the duties, sacrifices, and everyday lives of troops, and covers every conflict from the World War One to Afghanistan. -- Picture by REUTERS/Tom Lea/National Constitution Center/Handout

Malaysia's Bridge is Falling Down

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From Huffington Post
By Thor Halvorssen
Founder, Oslo Freedom Forum

The farcical trial of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim resumes this week in Kuala Lumpur. This is the second time that the country’s ruling establishment has tried to destroy Anwar’s career with trumped-up allegations of sodomy. It succeeded 12 years ago, when he was imprisoned for six years on similar charges. Now Anwar faces up to 20 years in jail and whipping if convicted.

Controlled by the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) since independence and now led by the increasingly autocratic Prime Minister Najib Razak, the Malaysian government knows Anwar is the only viable threat to its half-century of rule. Anwar became a risk to the government as deputy prime minister in 1998 when he began attacking corruption and calling for reform. Ultimately he became leader of the opposition.

Najib’s UMNO is trying to jail Anwar again in hopes of crushing his People’s Justice Party (PKR). A secular Muslim party, PKR leads a diverse political coalition with ethnic Chinese and Islamist partners. If Anwar is neutralized, this opposition movement would be paralyzed.

Anwar’s accuser – a former intern- admits to meeting with Najib just days before the alleged sexual act occurred and he has since changed his story several times. The charges against Anwar are transparently political. But the obvious intent of the trial matters little in Malaysia, where the government exercises a disabling grip on the justice system and the media.

Yet as one visits Kuala Lumpur today, these autocratic tendencies are not immediately visible. The modern splendor of this city and the surrounding wealthy state of Selangor help disguise one of the world’s most insidious authoritarian governments.

Najib’s most powerful tool is the Internal Security Act – a remnant from the days of British colonialism that gives the Interior Minister power to indefinitely and arbitrarily imprison any Malaysian without trial or even evidence. Through the ISA the government creates a climate of fear by arresting dozens of politicians, journalists, and student leaders.

Opposition voices like Anwar who are politically attacked through the courts are hardly better off than victims of the ISA. Virtually all positions in the justice system beyond the local level are held by government cronies.

Most problematic is that the local media cannot report on the ISA and the puppet justice system. The Printing Presses and Publications Act gives Najib near-absolute control over the news as media organizations need the government’s permission to operate.

Almost all major national newspapers, magazines, television channels, and radio stations here are tied to the ruling UMNO party. And Najib continues to tighten his grip in the face of Anwar’s trial. Suara Keadilan, the publication of Anwar’s PKR party, and the two other visible opposition outlets had their permits revoked on July 1.

The only way to get unfiltered news in Malaysia is online. Here, the media is protected by the “Bill of Guarantee of No Internet Censorship” – a law passed in the 1990s, at the strong suggestion of Bill Gates, to woo IT development to Malaysia.

Unfortunately, internet penetration is extremely limited outside of Malaysian urban centers. In some provinces, less than 10% of the population has online access, and most are stuck with the broadsheets. These read as if from a 1984 dystopia – there is no bad news, and other than culture and sports, there is cant-laden drivel about the government’s righteous quest to “serve the people”.

On a visit to the offices of a small opposition monthly, the editors despaired at the suffocating Malaysian media culture. Not just because it means Malaysians can’t easily find truth, but also because the next generation has grown uninterested: real journalism can no longer be practiced.

Through the silencing of opposition voices, vote-shopping, and gerrymandering, the UMNO-led government is able to continue its autocratic rule while calling Malaysia a democracy. And Najib seeks to perpetuate this charade by clamping down on Malaysian youth. Through the University and University College Act, students are forbidden from having any involvement in politics.

Despite their systemic nature, Malaysia’s human rights violations are largely unknown to the outside world. Many academics and journalists group the country with Indonesia and Turkey as a promising moderate Muslim democracy. And Wikipedia’s entries on Malaysia and on Najib avoid any mention of human rights, the Internal Security Act, censorship, or the crumbling rule of law. Such whitewashing is not surprising given that Najib hired Washington-based APCO Worldwide to burnish his image and besmirch Anwar’s.

Anwar, who has been profiled in TIME, the New Yorker, and Newsweek, and is frequently lionized as a promising Muslim leader, has recently been APCO’s target. In Malaysia, Anwar has often been mocked for having “Jewish friends.” Najib’s mentor and predecessor, Mahathir, even went so far as to say Anwar “would make a good prime minister for Israel.” In return, Anwar seized Najib’s hiring of APCO as a chance to issue inflammatory remarks on the firm’s supposed ties to Israel. This backfired when APCO distributed Anwar’s comments internationally along with a series of unattributed anti-Semitic statements posted on his website. The result is that on the eve of his trial many of his Western allies have questioned Anwar’s integrity.

The truth is that Anwar has been critical of some policies of the current Israeli government. And in the last few months he has even become more vocal as he wrestles with Najib’s media apparatus to avoid being pinned as blindly pro-Israel. But Anwar is hardly an anti-Semite. Contrast this with UMNO–which has led entire rallies inveighing against “the Jew.” Anwar’s critics should be careful not to carry water for Najib’s party, which proudly sports venomous anti-Semitic rhetoric and conspiracy.

Over dinner in Kuala Lumpur, Anwar told us that unless international actors address issues like censorship and imprisonment without trial, Malaysia will not become the oft-discussed bridge between East and West. Only if his trial is exposed as a sham and he avoids prison might Malaysia have a real democratic contest with elections in 2012 or 2013.

Sadly, this country’s appalling human rights record remains buried under a sea of APCO press releases.

Thor Halvorssen is the president of the Human Rights Foundation and the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. Alex Gladstein is its Chief Operating Officer.

Monday, July 19, 2010

AHA!! Muslim Fans Beware.

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Disokong oleh Mufti Johor, Noh Gadot
dan diangguk jua oleh Mufti Perak, Harussanassini.

Muslims wittingly or unwittingly wear football jerseys which display images of crosses, liquor brands and devils.

Aik?? Ini suda lebey.. ini mufti bola pulak?

Mana mufti 2 ketui ni nyorok time orang bincang judi bola?

Keluar la fatwa.. judi bola haram.. masuk neraka..thee he he

Mana pergi suara mufti 2 ketui ni time gula tepung naik harga?

Kalau begini caranya, kelakuannya, ini bukan mufti..thee he he

Ini tok-peti..thee he he tok-peti nak kumpul duit berpeti-peti..

Johor Religious Council adviser Datuk Nooh Gadot, according to a KOSMO! report, said wearing such jerseys were forbidden in Islam.

“It is as if Muslims are worshipping and exalting the symbols of other religions. Islam does not compromise on this matter, regardless of whether it is worn for fun, fashion or sport,” he said.

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, who agreed with Nooh, said although Islam did not forbid its followers from participating in sports or dressing up, it has to be done within the boundaries of Islamic law.

Among the football teams whose crests carry images of the cross are Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Barcelona and Norway, while Manchester United carries the “Red Devil” slogan on its team crest.

Published July 18 2010

Hitamlah HITAM Si Tampok Manggis,

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Sungguh pun hitam menantu ayah..


Semalam: 173 votes 64%
Hari ini: 71 votes 26%
Esok: 7 votes 2%
Pemilihan UMNO akan datang: 16 votes 5%

.....thee he he he he he he
ga gags ga gah gah gagaga!!!! 

Click here to go to APANAMA and see the poll

Lantai LEKUK Tak?

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Rosmah did not hide her anger to her bodyguard who failed to catch her hand as she was slipping. In front of the packed ballroom in a major resort and spa here, once she picked herself up, pulled away from her bodyguard and refused to be guided by the back to her seat.

She also waved her finger crossly at her female bodyguard as though rebuking and blaming her for letting her fall.

KOTA KINABALU: The wives of Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representatives have been given a special task by Prime Minister Najib Tin Razak - checking whether their husbands are doing their jobs.

He told this a group of women in Sabah on Saturday that they should ensure their husbands discharge their responsibilities to their respective constituencies and voters.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


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Naik basikal..

Naik motor pun ok..

Tak pernah merasa naik kuda..

Naik kapei terobang syooook...!

Barang NAIK

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A happy assemblyman

A happy coalition

A happy grocer

A happy PM

Everyone is happy!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Babak bogel Zul LULUS!

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Sapa yang bagi LULUS? thee he he

Rais Yatim ka?..thee he he

Kalau dah LULUS, maknanya malaikat tak libas la nanti?? ..thee he he

Zul ni penyanyi asalnya.. penyanyi tak berapa nak laku.. soru selalu miss.

Telanjang pun telanjanglah! Asal kan dapat makan nasik.. thee he he

Mana tau, kot2 ada rezeki Chua So Lek telefon.

Gaga! gagagagaa! gaaa! ga! ga! GAGAGAGAGAGAAAHHH!!!

SELEPAS dunia perfileman dikejutkan dengan kontroversi aktor Arja Lee berbogel dalam filem ... Dalam Botol, kini tiba pula giliran vokalis kumpulan Handy Black yang sebelum ini dikenali sebagai Zul Handy Black.
Hanya berbekalkan sebuah filem seram iaitu Mantra yang telah menemui penonton di pawagam bermula semalam, namanya secara tiba-tiba meraih perhatian.
Bukan hanya kerana filem itu merupakan filem pertama yang mengangkat Zul atau kini dikenali sebagai Zul Suphia'an sebagai pelakon utama untuk watak Muzir, iaitu seorang pengamal ilmu hitam.

MLM Terbaru.

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NGO Bantah FBI Bersidang Di KL

Mohd Azmi Abd Hamid

Kami mewakili organisasi pertubuhan awam membantah dengan sekeras-kerasnya Persidangan FBI National Academy Associates Asia Pasifik ke 13 daripada 18 hingga 23 Julai 2010 di Garden and Residences, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. FBI atau Federal Bureau of Investigations (Biro Siasatan Persekutuan) merupakan cabang militan kerajaan Amerika Syarikat (AS) untuk mengenakan hegemoni ke atas negara lain.

Tak payah bantah-bantah..thee he he

Tau apa makna FBI?

From Bangalore India. GA! GAGAGAGAGA!!!

Ini MLM terlatest.. thee he he

Satu Malaya nanti bole kena jual!

Adalah amat memalukan pegawai kanan polis kita bekerjasama dengan polis AS yang menyeksa umat Islam di Amerika Syarikat, membunuh orang awam yang tidak berdosa di Afghanistan dan Iraq, dan mengintip umat Islam yang memperjuangkan keadilan dan kebebasan.

Penganjur Skim Cepat Kaya India Bersembunyi di Malaysia

CHENNAI: Polis Tamil Nadu akan mendapatkan bantuan Interpol bagi mengesan seorang warga India yang dipercayai melarikan diri ke Malaysia sejak hampir 10 tahun lalu selepas melakukan penipuan berjumlah berjuta-juta ringgit melalui skim pelaburan haram.

Bahagian Kesalahan Kewangan (EOW) Tamil Nadu sedang memburu V Shanmugam selepas polis Bangalore menahan isterinya, Unamalai, 59, sejurus tiba dari Malaysia pada Isnin lalu.

Pasangan itu bersama anak lelaki mereka S Harshavardhan, menghilangkan diri sejak 1991 selepas Mahkamah Tinggi Madras mengenakan ikat jamin RM1 juta selepas mereka ditangkap dan dituduh menipu 46,000 pendeposit dalam skim pelaburan itu di Chennai.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stuck In a Moment

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I'm not afraid of anything in this world
There's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already heard
I'm just trying to find a decent melody
A song that I can sing in my own company

I never thought you were a fool
But darling, look at you
You gotta stand up straight, carry your own weight
These tears are going nowhere, baby

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of it
Don't say that later will be better now you're stuck in a moment
And you can't get out of it

I will not forsake, the colors that you bring
But the nights you filled with fireworks
They left you with nothing
I am still enchanted by the light you brought to me
I listen through your ears, and through your eyes I can see

And you are such a fool
To worry like you do
I know it's tough, and you can never get enough
Of what you don't really need now ... my oh my

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it
Oh love look at you now
You've got yourself stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it

I was unconscious, half asleep
The water is warm till you discover how deep
I wasn't jumping for me it was a fall
It's a long way down to nothing at all

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it
Don't say that later will be better now
You're stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it

And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if our way should falter
Along the stony pass

And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if your way should falter
Along the stony pass
It's just a moment
This time will pass