Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peri PENTINGnya Program Khidmat Negara

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Budak sekolah tak perlu risau lagi.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010 09:51

KOTA KINABALU – An 18-year-old girl gave a national service camp, near here, something to howl about on Tuesday. She gave birth to a boy in the toilet.

Fellow trainees heard the cries of the infant at about 2.30am at Camp Oval in Papar, about 30km from here, and found the blood-soaked baby, with the umblial cord attached, and her mum. yang beriya2 menentang PLKN? thee he he
Program ini cukup bagus..thee he he
Meramaikan usahawan bumiputera..
Tauke bas..tauke ikan..tauke daging..tauke uniform..thee thee thee

Lepas ini, budak sekolah tak perlu risau..thee he he
Boleh 'cret' sana sini, 'cret'lah sesuka ati..thee hee he
PLKN sedia membantu..thee he he
PLKN dah boleh sambut!.ga!!

Affair with 20-year-old man

Papar district police chief Deputy Supt Nik Zaidi Nik Zakaria said the young mother and her child, weighing 2.6kg, were rushed to the Papar Hospital and warded. Both are reported to be in good conndition.

The trainee had been at the camp since March.

Initial police investigations showed the girl, from the interior Keningau district, had had an affair with a 20-year-old man from her hometown...MORE

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