Friday, May 28, 2010


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BERLIN: Most Germans would prefer watching their team contesting the World Cup final than having sex with their partners, a survey here has revealed today.

Ini German beb..German. Orang Jerman..thee he he he

Orang Jerman kapir.. tak puasa, tak berzakat, tak berzanji..

Tak payah pun mufti/tok peti sampai berbelas-belas orang..thee he he tak payah fatwa-fatwi tok peti pun..ta payah larang-larang

Mana dia Broheng Ali Perkakas?..  mana Zul Nordin Kalimah?.. tok peti/mufti berbelas-belas sah dah kena gam mulut kena jahit..

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Ga ga ga ga! ga ga!ga ga ga! ga ga!ga ga ga! ga ga!ga ga ga! ga ga!Should Joachim Loew's side reach the final in Johannesburg on July 11, a potential night of passion would be shown the red card by most Germans in favour of the chance to see their team in action on television.

In a survey for the Reader's Digest magazine, only 5% of those questioned would prefer a night between the sheets with their loved one to watching Germany contest the World Cup final.

And only an emergency would stop 52% watching the final live, while a fifth of all those surveyed said not even that excuse would prevent them being glued to the television, should Germany reach the final.

But 38% of those questioned said they were not interested in football.

However, Germany's success on the field can turn up the heat in the nation's bedrooms: there were a flood of new-born babies here nine months after the national side finished third at the World Cup four years ago.


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