Thursday, April 29, 2010

CSL Akan Ajar Broheng Ali ber'KARAOKE'

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By Clara Chooi
KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 — The MCA hit out again at Malay rights group Perkasa, and accused its president of being a publicity seeker.

Emphasising once again that Perkasa was just an NGO, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said that its chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali was just reaping all the publicity he could gain from the constant rebuttal of his statements, seen by some to be extreme in nature.

“Maybe it is through this constant rebuttal that he (Ibrahim) finds a lot of publicity and gets...READ MORE

Lepas pekena teh dgn Vincent Tan, sure ada entertainment..thee he he
Apa baaarang Chief Perkosa tak gheti karaoke..

Kalau Chief Broheng tak gheti karaoke..
Chief Broheng boleh kasi orang 'karaoke'kan Chief Broheng..thee he he

Dr M: Pakatan is still a force to reckon with

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Free Malaysia Today Online News

While the Barisan Nasional leadership and media trumpet the Hulu Selangor by-election victory, the coalition's grandmaster however warned that Pakatan Rakyat is still a formidable opponent. In Sunday's electoral battle, BN's P Kamalathan defeated PKR's Zaid Ibrahim with a majority of 1,725 votes to snatch the parliamentary seat from the opposition party.

However, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad pointed out that Hulu Selangor is a large constituency with nearly 64,000 voters.

“Although BN garnered 24,997 votes, Pakatan managed to get 23,272 votes. Obviously Pakatan is still a force to reckon with,” he said in his latest blog posting.

Thee he he..he Hanya jauhari mengenal manikam..
Hanya pure mamak mengenal roti mana yang sedap..thee he he
Roti Zambry gerenti tak sedap! thee he he

Dah berploh-ploh tahun idup..thee he he
Dah nyanyuk2, pungkoq dh pipih, tulang belakang dah herot..thee he he
Baru LA ni..LA ni..sekali ni..thee he he bercakap betui.

Anak Ghapar dah mai..TUNgkek pun mu mai ka??
Tak payah. Pi join PPP.

Hulu Selangor, which was regarded as a BN safe seat, fell into PKR's hands during the 2008 general election, when MIC deputy president G Palanivel was defeated by Zainal Abidin Ahmad with a razor-thin majority of 198 votes.

KD Altantuya

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French Lawyer Looks for Answers for Scandal in Kuala Lumpur

Breham said the French prosecution is particularly concerned about the fact that Razak Baginda's wife, Mazalinda, was the principal shareholder of KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd, which owned Perimekar.

Written by Hamish McKenzie, Asia Sentinel

Joseph Breham, one of a team of lawyers looking into allegations of corruption in a Malaysian submarine purchase from a French defense conglomerate, told reporters in Kuala Lumpur Wednesday that he had filed a 10-page inquiry with the French courts that calls into question the actions of a company with close ties to the Malaysian Prime Minister's best friend and aide, Abdul Razak Baginda.

Breham is also expected to question several witnesses in Kuala Lumpur about the case, which has broken into the open after years of silence in Malaysia. The inquiry, which now rests with independent French prosecutors, is directed at a €114 million (US$151.1 million) commission paid to a company called Perimekar, which Breham's legal team suggests was established in 2001 purely for the purpose of receiving the kickback. Najib Tun Razak, then Malaysia's defense minister, led the negotiations with the French government to buy the two Scorpene-class submarines, build by Armaris, a subsidary of the French defense giant DCN, and to lease a third a few months later, in 2002.

Political reformers in Malaysia say they are placing their hopes on the French investigation to get to the bottom of the payment to Perimekar and its implications because, they say, there is little hope that the Malaysian justice system will bring the truth to light. Despite repeated requests for information by opposition leaders in Malaysia's parliament, Najib and other top members of the government have refused to answer.

Cynthia Gabrial, who sits on the board of directors of the human rights NGO Suaram, for whom Breham and his colleagues are acting, told Asia Sentinel that "whoever's guilty must be punished, and if it has the be the French court system that actually brings this issue to surface, then so be it."

It isn't likely that anybody will get any answers soon, however. The Perimekar episode goes well beyond Malaysia and is believed to be just a part of years of peddling defense equipment including submarines to countries across the globe by DCN.

Investigating judges looking into some parts of the French establishment have been stalled for years by their inability to obtain defense secrets, partly because of a suspicion that they are related to top figures in French politics. In the past allegations have arisen that sought to ensnare such figures as Edouard Balladur, who ran against President Jacques Chirac, and Nicholas Sarkozy, now the French president, who was Balladur's campaign manager.

Perimekar, according to the Malaysian government, was paid by DCN for "coordination and support services" during the submarine negotiations. But Breham and Suaram say it's highly unlikely the company had the ability to carry out such a role.

"Perimekar was created only in 2001, a few months before the submarine contract was definitely signed," Breham told the press conference. "This means that Perimekar has no experience at all in submarine deals, has no experience in logistics, has no experience in nothing regarding submarines."

"Perimekar until this contract had never had any contract with any company. The only thing Perimekar had done until this signature of the €114 million contract was lose RM75,000 (US$23,310) in 2002. That was the only thing Perimekar had ever done," Breham said.

Breham said the French prosecution is particularly concerned about the fact that Razak Baginda's wife, Mazalinda, was the principal shareholder of KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd, which owned Perimekar. He said he hopes the inquiry will answer where the money for the commission came from, where exactly the money went, and if the money stayed in Malaysia.

Perimekar appears to have been subsumed into another company, Boustead DCNS, a joinrbenture between Boustead's parent company and DCNS, SA, the Frnch defense company. In its annual report, Boustead Heavy Industries described Perimekar as an "associate of the Group" that is "involved in the marketing, upgrading, maintenance and related services for the Malaysian maritime defence industry."

The inquiry is now at a preliminary stage, Breham said. If the French prosecution finds that the questionable elements surrounding the commission payment to Perimekar warrant further investigation, it will pass the case on to an 'instruction judge' who will conduct a deeper inquiry that could last for years. For instance, a similar corruption case involving DCN and the sale of frigate to Taiwan has dragged on for more than 10 years, Breham said. Then, if the judicial power believes there is sufficient evidence of corruption, the case will move to trial phase.

The scandal began to come to the surface in 2006 with the gruesome murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, a Mongolian translator and spurned lover of Razak Baginda who had accompanied him to France for some of the transactions over the submarines. Altantuya was shot in the head and her body was blown up with military explosives in a patch of jungle outside of Kuala Lumpur. Two of Najib's bodyguards, who were directed to intercede with her by Musa Safri, Najib's chief of staff, have been convicted of the killing. Neither Najib nor Musa has ever been questioned by law enforcement officials about the case. Razak Baginda was tried along with Najib's two bodyguards but was acquitted without having to put on a defense in a trial that left more questions than answers. Immediately after his acquittal, Razak Baginda left the country for England, where he remains.

Breham said the French jurisdiction cannot consider the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu in its investigation. "The only thing that France's jurisdiction will delve into is corruption."

Oh Barca! Barca.. Barca BRASA Sedey!

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Betui ka? Betui ka?? Hang jangan buat pelecey....

Betui boss..betui! Barca kantoi-mantoi...tak pakai otak main bola!

Sikit lagii...sikit lagi nak habih, thee he he baru ada hakai hang Pep!

Inter's Victory Against Barcelona Is The Most Beautiful Moment Of My Career - Jose Mourinho

The trainer had much to say in the aftermath of the semi-final second leg...
By Anthony Wright
Apr 28, 2010 10:30:00 PM

Inter progressed to the Champions League final with a 3-2 aggregate victory against Barcelona, despite losing 1-0 in the return leg at Camp Nou.

Nerazzurri coach Jose Mourinho could not conceal his delight after seeing his side secure their berth against Bayern Munich in Madrid, and he revealed that eliminating Pep Guardiola's side has brought him unsurpassed joy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jepun TAK ADA Huruf 'L'

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Keajaiban Tongkat Ali

Akar Tongkat Ali
Was it a buy-erection?

Shah A Dadameah
Monday, 26 April 2010 18:08

COMMENT THE Huru Selangor by-erection is over, favouring Barisan Nasional candidate P Kamarantahan over PKR's Zaid Ibrahim.

But it has still not stopped the tark that it had been a 'buy-erection.'

The pun was first used by a news portal and picked up by party campaigners from both camps as well as some broggers in the run-up to the just-concluded contest...MORE

Patut la Jepun angkat kaki..thee he he
Lepas sekor..sekor.., lepas sebijik kilang..sebijik lagi..

Tak tahan, asyik kena 'pau'..
Ada buy-erection saja, kena 'pau', ndak bkn sikit plak tu...

Penuh auta, tipu sana sini..thee he he
Tak caya tanya Tok Peti Perak..tau sapa Tok Peti Perak?

TAN SRI DOKTOR Harussanassini..!

By-election, BUY-election, BUY-ERECTION?

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The Truth or The Grandeurs of the Other Truth?

By Hakim Joe

How in the world did MIC win at Hulu Selangor, let alone by over 1,700 votes?

I submitted a simple letter to Malaysia Today, after a lengthy sojourn from writing, on the 18th of April, titled “What’s Wrong.” In it, I highlighted the lack of response from the MT readers, pointing out the meager comments that are currently posted to any one article as compared to as recent as one year ago.

I made a simple deduction that this state of affairs could be contributed to MT’s membership re-registration exercise held late last year as the number of commentators kept falling from that day onwards. In my letter, I also made inference that this re-registration exercise has isolated a lot of old diehard MT supporters and that MT is no longer different from Malaysiakini – a privileged website.

Perhaps it is the manner in which I stressed in the letter that the MT of old used to be a “take all comers” and that it should still be the way to garner support for the Opposition’s cause.

The very next day, on the 19th of April, MTadmin wrote back and told me matter of fact that the readership of MT has gone up and they will not be posting my letter as “…it’ll give the wrong impression and is off the mark.”

Great, I am so happy that more Malaysians are being educated on the merits of true news reporting instead of having to depend on the BN-influenced mainstream news. Additionally, this meant that more Malaysians are prone to supporting the Pakatan coalition.

So, if the readership has gone up, how the Hell did we lose Hulu Selangor with Zaid as the Pakatan candidate?

The Devil Who Sell His Soul

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Rooney, Neville rooting for Liverpool

Oh the irony! Die hard Red Devils Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville will be hoping for a Liverpool win on Sunday.
C'mon Leeeee...ver..poooool..


Stevie G..ohhh Stevie G..
Stevie G green with envy..!! glug!!

Manchester United currently trail league leaders Chelsea, who face Rafael Benitez's men on Sunday, by a point with just two games to go in the Premier League.

Manchester United have two games they are widely expected to win - a trip to Sunderland and a home fixture against Stoke. Chelsea are also heavy favourites to beat Wigan at home on the last day of the season.

Thus, one of the most hotly contested title-races in recent history could well be decided by the outcome of the match between the Blues and the Reds this coming Sunday.

There is no doubting the camp Rooney and Neville will be in. In comments reported by the Daily Mirror, Neville said:"We're hoping that at some point Chelsea might feel the pressure."

Journey of A Thosand LIES.

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By Stanley Koh

COMMENT Malaysian politicians past and present are notorious for utterances that range from brazen insults to blatant lies, and at election time we can trust our leaders to prove that they are capable of producing the appropriate noises from the larynx.

The Hulu Selangor by-election adds another stomach-churning element so revolting that even the most hardened of us are hard-pressed to hold in our vomit: the sight — and the sound — of a leader past his expiry date shamelessly prancing into the circus ring to say some of the stupidest things ever heard on any campaign trail.

Here is a lesson for our retired leaders: check to see whether your brains are still functioning properly before trying to return to the spotlight to feed your craving for national attention. Check, especially, what you are going to say now against what you said when you were younger, lest you get caught in a contradiction.

For the rest of us, it is perhaps pertinent to refer again to some footnotes from Malaysian history.

Back in 1988, Tunku Abdul Rahman warned Malaysians against the smooth and sweet talk of politicians, particularly from his own party, Umno.

“Beware of merchants going round the country offering new lamps for old,” he said, addressing particularly the Malay community.

The Tunku, our first premier, was a liberal statesman well respected by Malaysians of every race, faith and gender. He issued his warning after realising that Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was then Umno president and prime minister, had mobilised the mass media to the hilt to discredit him and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who were moving to form a party called Umno Malaysia. The original Umno had been declared unlawful on Feb 4, 1988.

Mahathir acted quickly to upstage the Tunku’s effort. He set up his own Umno. And Umno Baru, registered on Feb 13, 1988, became Mahathir’s organisation, a party he fully controlled until he resigned in 2002.

Hard lesson

It was a hard lesson for the Tunku. He advised Umno followers and Malaysians in general to “look hard and think hard” about what was happening and being said by their so-called leaders.

“Try to distinguish actual facts from old wives’ tales,” he said.

Let us heed the Tunku’s advice and consider Mahathir’s description of Pakatan Rakyat candidate Zaid Ibrahim as a frog.

If Zaid is a frog, then what label shall we use for those who have hopped from the opposition to the BN, although they now call themselves “independents”? Are we fools to believe they are truly independent, especially now that one of them has earned a royal award and two have been freed of corruption charges, obviously in appreciation for their high jump, which contributed to the collapse of Pakatan Rakyat rule in Perak?

Mahathir also said that Zaid had “benefited from the government, and yet he chose to leave the party and join the opposition for his personal interest”.

Zaid, said the former premier, “is like a frog who will hop according to his needs”.

To anyone of average intelligence, this is twisted — in fact deformed — logic.

A Malaysian I spoke to said he felt Mahathir’s vision was getting blur. He wondered if the former prime minister was upset because he thought Zaid was stupid. “Maybe he thinks Zaid should have closed his eyes to injustice, dumped his conscience and, like many BN leaders, continue to enjoy the enormous benefits of being part of the BN administration and keep on milking the cash-cow government,” he said.

The fact is that Zaid quit as a minister, forsaking all the benefits of being a big man in BN. And he did not wilfully jump from one party to another; he was sacked from Umno. When he joined the opposition, it must have been because it shared his values, principles and passion for justice, upon which a better Malaysia can be built.

Talking rubbish

Can Pakatan offer Zaid any material wealth or incentives like Aps (approved permits), title awards, investment projects, etc?

Many of the people I spoke to agree that Mahathir these days always sounds hollow and unconvincing. Some say he is at his best talking rubbish.

Regrettably, Malaysian politics, especially as practised on the campaign trail, is a journey of lies.

This expression reminds us of a saying of Lao Tzu: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The ancient Chinese sage of course meant it in the positive sense. And perhaps it will lighten our hearts to connect this with the political tsunami of a couple of years back, when concerned Malaysians took the first step to free their nation from authoritarian power.

For years, Malaysian civil society had been fighting against a kind of draconian rule for which the term Mahathirism has been coined.

Mahathir admirers prefer to call it “guided democracy”, which is nothing more than a euphemism for stunted, deformed and distorted democracy. This legacy, which lives on in the current administration, must end today with votes for Pakatan.

Ironically, it was Mahathir himself who once said: “Whatever we do, it should be based on thoughts and judgments consistent with the needs of an advanced civilisation, God willing.”

That advanced civilisation can only come about with Malaysians opting for a two-party system.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hikayat KANTOI-mantoi.

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BN received nearly 28 per cent of the Chinese vote in Hulu Selangor yesterday, down from 37 per cent in Election 2008.
Samy Vellu: “Yes we have made headway in winning the Indian votes in this election as we received about 65 per cent. It used to be 80 per cent prior to 2008. We need to achieve that target,” he added.

Figures wont lie..thee he he
PKR kantoi, bungkas, lingkup, habuk pun tarak..thee he he

Interesting to note that support for Ameno-apoko from the Indian and Chinese has taken to a drastic new low..thee he he 

Figures wont lie..thee he he
From 100 Chinese towkays, only 37 cast their vote for ameno-apoko..
From 100 Indian newspaper towkays, they got 65..bear in mind it used to be mind-boggling 80!
Malay kampung votes? Felda votes?

Jangan derhaka..thee he he


KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 — The Rasa Chinese primary school is RM3 million richer today from a campaign promise after Barisan Nasional (BN) won yesterday’s Hulu Selangor by-election but the ruling federal coalition is concerned that it failed to garner greater Chinese support.

BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said it might have won the seat with a 1,725-vote majority but the coalition has to improve support from the Chinese community, which again turned its back on the BN this by-election and in Election 2008.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saya NEUROSURGEON you know? Bukan Doktor Haiwan.

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Ini gambor Samy Vellu.
 Dia pun terkejut Halili join Ameno!!

"Barang yang lepas, jangan dikenang," Dr Halili
21 Apr 2010 3:13PM

Bekas bendahari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Hulu Selangor, Datuk Dr Halili Rahmat menegaskan, antara sebab utama mengapa beliau meninggalkan parti itu kerana mendapati PKR menimbulkan 'rasa cemas' di kalangan orang Melayu. Beliau berkata, PKR sudah tersasar daripada perjuangan asalnya dan kini lebih mementingkan kuasa.

"Secara amnya sebab saya meninggalkan PKR kerana saya sudah tidak kenal lagi parti itu.

"Ramai antara mereka hanya sibuk mencari kuasa, gila kuasa sampai terlupa tujuan asalnya (penubuhan)," kata beliau ketika berucap pada ceramah umum Barisan Nasional (BN) di Taman Sri Liam, Ulu Yam Baharu, di sini semalam....LAGI

Barang apa pulak doktor ni..
Doktor ini kah yang check Saizpool BauKari Azlan?
Baru sat masuk ameno-koko-apoko, dah cakap baur2 lucah..thee he he

Bapak sapa lah agaknya doktor ini..
Kesian anak2, bapak elok kaki dua, pakai spek mata..
Tapi kawan2 ejek,

"spesis katak supo Broheng Ali, yeay yeay!!"..thee he he

Laki sapa lah doktor ini..thee he he
Kesian bini, malas nak pergi pasar, takot..thee he he

"Wei! kita Islam lah! kita tak makan katak!"

Two Saturdays, End Up Biting Dust

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Arsenal 0-0 Manchester City: Gunners Out Of Premier League Title Race After Limp Draw.
City's point marred by serious injury to goalkeeper Given.

By Nick Price
Apr 24, 2010 7:30:00 PM
A tame goalless draw at the Emirates leaves Arsenal incapable of winning this season's Premier League, but a solid point for Manchester City was tempered by a serious injury to goalkeeper Shay Given.

A talking point before kick-off was the non-start of former Gunner Emmanuel Adebayor, who was widely criticised after a provocative celebration in front of the Arsenal fans in the reverse fixture that ended 4-2 to City in November. The Togolese striker was deemed to have been unfit to start, but his omission from the starting line-up could have been tactically ..MORE

Again, ooh again..haha hah!
This time of the year..haha hah!
Better try next year.. haha hah!
Say what?..haha hah!!

All sounds soooo famili...yeaaar..haha haaaah!!!

Nani, Nani, Where Art Thou?

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Kak Nani
Beautiful, beautiful KakNani during her heyday.
Captivating M'sian movie-goers with her acting talent.
Irreplaceable, love by many hated by none. 

United 3-1 Tottenham

Manchester United had Nani to thank as the winger's late moment of brilliance sent them top of the Premier League.

Filling Cristiano Ronaldo's boots was always going to be a tall order and Nani may never quite get there...MORE

 Mamat Nani
Need we elaborate more dear?
How that nerveless chip turned Gomez a hopeless wreck?
Ugly Nani, despised by many.

Surely Chelsea will drop some points..haha hah!
Surely Man United will gather the next 3 points..ha ha hah!


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Oleh Faizal Ezzany

ULU BERNAM 24 Apr - Timbalan Ketua Angkatan Muda KEADILAN, Fariz Musa mengesahkan pihaknya telah mengesan 65 buah bas yang telah disewa dan dipercayai akan digunakan untuk membawa pengundi hantu.

Beliau menjelaskan Umno-Barisan Nasional akan menggunakan taktik kotor pada pilihan raya kali ini seperti yang sebelumnya bagi memastikan kemenangan mereka.

"Kita telah mengenalpasti terdapat 65 buah bas telah di sewa yang akan digunakan pada pilihan raya kecil kali ini....LAGI

Tak tau kira ka? Cikgu Math mati muda lah tu..
Cuba darab, campur, darab balik..tapi jangan tolak..thee he he

65 bijik bas. Sebijik bangsat2 bawak 40 hantu..
65x40 = 2600 hantu.

Kalau ikut stat Permatang Pauh, ini hantu2 educated..
Bagi duit, rembat..bagi kain, sebat..thee he he
Undi utk Pakatan Rakyat..

Itu belum kira undi roh Altantuya dan keluarga dan sanak sedara dan sahabat handai.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This OLD MAN He Plays Cool, He Plays Knick-knack On His Foes..

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MANCHESTER, April 24 — After 23 years in charge at Old Trafford Alex Ferguson has no intention of easing away. The Manchester United manager yesterday dismissed suggestions that he is considering retirement as “absolute rubbish.”

“I’ve no intention of retiring,” the 68-year-old Ferguson...MORE!

"Hiz going to ztay.." - Arsene Wenger
"He is going tu stay" - Carlo Ancelloti
"Hi iz going tu ctay" - Rafa Benitez!

Altogether now!
"Fergie, Fergie..where is the money?"

Godzila! Gojira! STOMP! Stomp!

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HULU SELANGOR: Prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor campaigned today for the Barisan Nasional candidate in the Hulu Selangor by-election, asking the people of Felda Kg Soeharto to vote for P Kamalanathan come polling day on Sunday.

"It does not matter if the candidate is not a Malay. He is a Malaysian citizen and has promised to work. As the elected representative, you can meet him when you have a problem and he will convey the matter to the senior leaders," she said....MORE

Godzilla, godzilla..
Godzilla sudah mai..thee he he

Pegang tiang lampu..
Jangan berdiri bawah pokok kelapa..
Jangan main bawah rumah..
Jangan main dgn bini..thee he he
Cari tempat lapang..

Jangan lupa bawak I.C..Jangan hilang I.C..Kalau tak ada I.C, esok hari orang Hulu Selangor tak boleh mengundi!

Tahukah Anda?

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PERSATUAN Badminton Malaysia (BAM) masih ‘membisu’ mengenai senarai pemain negara yang akan beraksi pada kempen Piala Thomas/Uber bermula 9 hingga 16 Mei depan.

Sebelum ini, BAM dikatakan bakal mengumumkan senarai akhir barisan pemain yang akan menggalas cabaran negara pada kejohanan tersebut semalam.

Bagaimanapun, pengumuman tersebut hanya dapat dibuat apabila presiden badan induk itu, Datuk Mohd. Nadzmi Salleh hadir menyaksikan skuad negara menjalani Kem Bina Semangat di Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson esok....LAGI

Tahukah anda?

Kejohanan badminton tertua didunia, Piala Thomas akan berlangsung di Kompleks Sukan Bt Jalil dari 9-16 Mei 2010.

Tahukah anda? Kat Bt Jalil ada stadium badminton, besooooooor wa cakap lu!

Tahukah anda? Sebenarnya..ramai tak tau ada Thomas Cup bulan depan. Tak caya? Tanya orang sebelah rumah..thee he he

Tahukah anda? 1Malaya dah lebih suku abad tak menang Thomas Cup..thee he he

Tahukah anda? 1Malaya telah membelanjakan berjuta2 ringgit utk memajukan badminton negara. Maju sangat ke? ...hah hah hah

Tahukah anda berapa juta? ..aku pun tak tau..hahah hahah hahah!

Tahukah anda apa nama glamer team badminton Malaysia?.. village champion..

Perlukah anda menyaksikan Thomas Cup di Bt Jalil? Bayor tiket, beratur, berasak-asak, bau tungkek bau hangit apa segala, nak kencing jamban tak cukup, panas etc...

Tak perlu. Sila mengangkang kat rumah tengok National Geograpic.

KEBUMIKAN Di Hulu Selangor Pun OK Jugak

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Dr M campaigning in Hulu Selangor 

By Rahmah Ghazali

SERENDAH: Keeping true to his “all is fair in love and war” policy, former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad hit the campaign trail last night, spewing venom on PKR's candidate for the Hulu Selangor by-election Zaid Ibrahim.

Although Mahathir had previously said he would not participate in the campaign, the 84-year-old Umno veteran made a surprise appearance at the Barisan Nasional operations centre here....MORE

Kempen lah sampai tak ada suara..thee he he
Sampai terjojol bijik mata..
Sampai terlipat terherot tulang belakang..thee he he
Kempen lah..lagi kerap lagi bagus..thee he he

Biar bertambah meluat orang Hulu Selangor..
Bertambah-tambah undi untuk Zaid..thee he he

Buat kampung terus kat situ..thee he he
Beli rumah terus..beli tanah..
Tapi jangan lupa beli tanah 6kaki x 3 kaki x 6 kaki dalam..thee he he
Tanah kubur daaaa...

Tanam terus kat situ.

San Miguel AIR TAPAI Processing Plant

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Tapai Ubi San Miguel

Tapai Beras San Miguel

Tapai Pulut San Miguel

San Miguel will no longer deals in beer.

SERENDAH – With the brewing controversy over Zaid Ibrahim's drinking past in the background, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has come out in his son's defence for being appointed to the board of San Miguel Corp, a Philipines-based conglomerate that owns 51 % of the San Miguel beer brewery.

"We know about the present lies being spread. Supposedly my son is a director in a beer company. That is not true," the former prime minister said in during an unexpected visit to the Barisan Nasional campaign....MORE

oohhh...San Miguel is moving away from beer..
Beer San Miguel tak sedap..
Anakanda cuma tau menonggang, tak tau meniaga..
Ramai ahli Ameno-koko-apoko komplen..thee he he
Tak cukup strong, tarak kick, tarak high, mabuk tak power..

Justeru..thee he he
Atas sokongan Mantan Mamak Bendahara TUNgkek..
Untuk menjana ekonomi..thee he he
Mewujudkan peluang pekerjaan..thee he he
Tepuk..tepuk! tepuk!

Kilang San Miguel pindah ke Hulu Selangor..thee he he
Proses air tapai!!!!

Chek Dah Sampai DUBAI, Hangpa Bila Lagi?

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Kalau saudara/i tidak berasa malu kepada ALLAH dan Rasul pun, sekurang-kurangnya malulah kepada pejuang Islam saperti Ustadz Hafiz Bin Nordin, Ustadz Sahul Hameed dan Haji Abdul Rahim Ismail. Janganlah dipersia-siakan perjuangan dan pengorbanan mereka. Dan jadikanlah PRK Hulu Selangor pada hari Ahad 11 Jamadil Awal/ 25 April ini sebagai bukti dan persaksian kita dihadapan ALLAH kelak bahawa kita meletakkan Islam dahulu, politik kemudian.

Inilah satu tanbihul ghofiliin-peringatan bagi mereka yang lalai. Semoga ALLAH memberikan petunjuk dan hidayahNya kepada saya dan saudara/i para pejuang Islam semua; dan semoga kita semua diberi keampunan oleh ALLAH atas kelekaan dan kelalaian kita.

Ingatlah amaran ALLAH, "Alam a' had ilaikum yaa banii aadama alla ta'buduussyaiton, innahu lakum 'aduwwummubiin-wahai bani Adam, bukankah sudah Aku peringatkan kamu sesungguhnya syaitan itu adalah musuh kamu yang nyata, mengapa kamu menentang (Aku)!"

Zulkifli Bin Noordin
Dubai, Emirat Arab Bersatu
09 Jamadil awal 1431
23 April 2010

Ini hamprak nak bagitau 1Malaya;

Dia dah sampai Dubai..
Tengok, tak berapa hari melompat, dah pi Washington, Dubai..thee he he

Duduk bertahun dalam PR, tak dapek pi Dubai..
Tak dapek salam Obama..thee he he
Tak dapek gesel2 pipi Michele..

Setan macam2 jenis..thee he he
Pakai ketayap pun boleh jadi setan.
Cakap menipu, dah memang setan..thee he he

Tapi kalau duit ADUN Cina pun dia 'pau'..thee he he
Memang kompom lah setan!

Many People Crazy GAMBLE/Banyak Orang Gila JUDI

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Oleh Norasikin Samsi

KUALA LUMPUR 23 Apr - Ahli Parlimen Machang, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail menyeru rakyat Malaysia mengenali peribadi pemimpin Umno-Barisan Nasional supaya dapat mengetahui hakikat bahawa golongan 'pejuang Melayu tulen' inilah sebenarnya yang membolot kemewahan secara luar biasa kerana hubungan rapat mereka dengan golongan elit pemerintah negara.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas reaksi Ahli Parlimen Pasir Mas, Datuk Ibrahim Ali yang menyangkal dakwaan Saifuddin berhubung penglibatan beliau di dalam syarikat milik Tan Sri Vincent Tan, seorang tauke judi terkenal di negara ini semasa mencelah perbahasan Rang Undang-undang

Satu ringgit..dua ringgit,
Tiga ringgit..ampat ringgit!!
Tu dia Broheng Alia, mmber kamcin Vincent Tan..thee he he
Pahlawan Melayu beli saham tauke judi..

Panjangkan umur Braheng..
Buat bahan blog blogger 1Malaya..
Kalau Broheng takdok, hilang seri internet..takdok bahan nak kutuk!

Mengutuk Kamal Nathan tak seladzat mengutuk Broheng...
Lagipun Kamal Nathan tak ada saham dgn Vincent Tan..thee he he
Kamal Nathan tak berkaki gemuk pendek mcm kaki Broheng..

Without JAPAN Lah!

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Without BN, there will be no Perodua

By Clara Chooi

RAWANG, April 22 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reminded the more than 10,000 workers at the Perodua production plant here this evening that without the Barisan Nasional, Perodua would not exist.

Speaking at the launch of the second national car maker’s 1.7 millionth vehicle, ...MORE

Klasiko..bodo ko..ameno-koko..apoko..thee he he
Cakap sorang2 boleh lah..

Cakap kat orang buta, orang pekak boleh lah..thee he he

Itu Perodua kompeni usahasama..
Dengan kompeni Jepun..
Without Japanese car-making expertise, there will be no Perodua..thee he he

Without BN,
1Malaya senang hati..thee he he
1Malaya hooray-hooray..
1Malaya pesta-pestaan!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, O' Gooner Faithful

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Friday April 23, 2010

United still world’s most valuable club

LONDON: Manchester United have been ranked football’s most valuable team by Forbes magazine for the sixth straight year as a group of investors and fans try to buy the heavily indebted club.

The American business magazine’s valuation is US$1.8bil, but the Glazer family owners are resisting the hostile Red Knights campaign to buy the 18-time English champions and their debt of US$1.1bil.

Based on Forbes’ estimation, which takes into account revenue growth, profitability and debt levels in the 2008-09 season, United are the most valuable sports team in the world.

Real Madrid are second in the football list at US$1.323bil, with Arsenal third at US$1.181bil – the same top three as last year.

I Would Rather Walk 'For-lone'

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Liverpool, Liverpool, what are you playing for?..ha ha hah!
Liverpool, Liverpool, how many games you did'nt score?..ha ha hah!!
Liverpool, Liverpool, now struggling to be No.4!!! ..haha hahah!!!

Liverpool, Liverpool, now you are gutted to the core..haha hahah!!!!
Liverpool, Liverpool, was'nt that Forlan's no. 4????!

Atletico Madrid 1-0 Liverpool: Diego Forlan Goal Gives Atleti The Edge

The ex-Manchester United striker continued his scoring exploits against Liverpool, giving the Mattress Makers a vital lead going into next week's second leg.

By Kris Voakes
Apr 22, 2010 9:54:00 PM

Diego Forlan was Atletico Madrid's hero as his ninth minute strike at the second attempt gave the Spaniards a 1-0 first leg victory over Liverpool in their Europa League semi-final.

The Uruguayan pounced during a sustained period of pressure from the home side in the early stages, but they were unable to add to their single goal and will take a narrow lead to Anfield next week....MORE

Thursday, April 22, 2010

EQUAL?? Tang mana...

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Badan guni beras, menggelambir sana sini.

Badan slim-melim

Rambut makin luruh, makin tak ada... thee he he

Rambut lebat, kurang masalah dalaman..thee he he

Obama and I met as equals.
By Clara Chooi

BUKIT BERUNTUNG, April 21 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak moved today to shore up his stand that Malaysia never “kneeled” to another nation and insisted that he had met with US President Barack Obama “as equals”.

Najib, during his second visit to the Hulu Selangor Parliamentary constituency here, slammed the opposition for being “spin experts” when they accused him of kowtowing to the US...MORE

But then again..thee he he
May we ask..thee he he
As the title suggests.

Equal tang mana...
Tang mana equal...

1Malaya sudah tau..
Keluar TV 1Malaya tiap2 hari..thee he he

May we ask again...
thee he he
Equal tang mana?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barca! Barca! Left the boots in the car!

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Inter Coach Jose Mourinho: Barcelona Players Don't Know How To Accept Defeat

Mourinho has taken a swipe at the Barcelona players, while praising his team for their efforts...

By Salvatore Landolina
Apr 20, 2010 10:35:00 PM

Coach Pep Guardiola admitted that Inter were the better side after the Nerazzurri took a two goal advantage from the first leg of their UEFA Champions League semi-final, winning 3-1 at the Giuseppe Meazza in Milan.

The Blaugrana took the lead through a first half Pedro strike but goals from Wesley Sneijder, Maicon and Diego Milito left Guardiola's men with a difficult task in the second leg at Camp Nou next week ...MORE

ha ha hah!
ha ha hah!

Where is the Messi-ah?
..he has turned into a pariah!!!

KAPIR. Isssh..Teruk Ni

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Hazayani Zakaria

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 April: Ahli Parlimen Baling, Ustaz Taib Azamuddin Md Taib (gambar) menyelar tindakan pemimpin Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) menyerang peribadi calon Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim dengan mengungkit segala perkara yang dilakukan sewaktu menjadi menteri kabinet dahulu.

Menyoroti sirah, Taib berkata, serangan yang dibuat Umno/BN terhadap Zaid tidak ubah seperti apa yang dilakukan oleh kafir Quraisy terhadap sahabat Rasulullah s.a.w., Khalid Ibnu Walid...LAGI

Kalau tak terasa jugak, entahlah..thee he he
Dikata 'lembu', standard..
Dikata 'barua', apa ada hal..

Ini diumpamakan KAPIR QURAISY!!!!

Tak terasa jugak?
Tak reti-reti bahasa jugak?
Ini  sudah terlebih todi San Miguel
..thee he he

Todi San Miguel anak TUNgkek..

Mau Duit Ka? Lagi Berapa Mau Kapor?

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KUALA LUMPUR, April 20, 2010 : Tuesday, 20 April 2010 13:13

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's 12-year-old Formula One venue needs "a major overhaul and refurbishment" costing RM180mil , circuit boss Razlan Razali said Tuesday. Sepang is a favourite among many drivers with the track considered one of Hermann Tilke's most interesting designs with several high-speed corners and two very long straights connected by wide hairpins. But it is starting to look its age.

"Unfortunately after three to four years, the track was not very well maintained," Razlan, CEO of Sepang International Circuit told AFP...MORE

Penipu teramat besar..thee he he
Cakap belit2..
Pantang lepa, ndak duit..
thee he he
Lubang besar duit limo-ploh sen, nak mintak turap..

Cakap lah ndak duit ratus-ratus million-million..
thee he he
Major overhaul trek Sepang bukan macam turap jalan kampung..

Tu la dia..
Baik dia turap litar lumba..
thee he he
Daripada dia turap jalan kampung..

Ini semua TUNgkek punya bala..

Yang senang ati Michelle Yeoh..
Merasa french-cap..thee he he

Poket Terlampau Kembong, Seluar Jadi Sempit

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Kilang kasut kebanggaan Zambry

95 peratus kontraktor Kelas F kesempitan

IPOH: Sebanyak 95 peratus daripada 36,000 kontraktor Kelas F di seluruh negara kini dalam kesempitan kerana sukar mendapat projek sejak hampir setahun lalu.

Yang Dipertua Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia Negeri Perak merangkap Ahli Jawatankuasa Pusat, Datuk Jamaludin Abd Rahim, berkata di Perak saja seramai 2,800 kontraktor kelas F mnghadapi masalah itu. ..MORE

Negeri Lombong Bijih Tinggal aman makmur sentosa..thee he he
Kontraktor kelas F kesempitan..
Seluar sempit dek poket kembung dgn duit
..theee he he

Pelaburan masyuk dari Korea, Jamaica, Barbados..thee he he
Belum kira pelaburan dari Indon, Bangla, Nepal, Myanmar, Ulan Bator..thee he he

Tanya la *MB Zambry..
Mana dia projek kasut besar2an?
Nak kasut dalam mulut??

*Mahkamah Bagi

I Would Rather Walk Alone

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LIVERPOOL : Tuesday, 20 April 2010 05:15

LIVERPOOL -First-half strikes from Yossi Benayoun and David Ngog and a second-half own goal from Robert Green earned Liverpool a 3-0 win Monday over struggling West Ham.

The Reds are still five points off fourth-placed Tottenham, who also have a game in hand, but they extended their unbeaten run at Anfield to 10 matches and this was a simple warm up for Thursday's Europa League semi final first leg at Atletico Madrid..MORE

Liverpool, what are you playing for?..ha ha hah!
Liverpool, how many games you did'nt score?..ha ha hah!!
Liverpool, now struggling to be No.4!!! ..haha hahah!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kalau Menyamar Mana Nak Fair

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By Adib Zalkapli

KUALA LUMPUR, April 20 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today the smear campaign against PKR’s Datuk Zaid Ibrahim in the Hulu Selangor by-election cannot be avoided.

“In English they say all is fair in love and war and in election,” he said when asked if it was right for Barisan Nasional (BN) to exploit Zaid’s past drinking habit in the campaign for the rural constituncy.

“I was subjected to many allegations too. Some people said I have a Chinese wife, that I have a wife in Singapore,” said Dr Mahathir who led the ruling coalition until his retirement in late 2003...MORE

Fair memang fair..thee he he
Kalau kena chemical, ponggong kuali pun jadi putih..thee he he

Menipu tak fair..thee he he
Menyamar laaaagi tak fair..

Tambah pulak Kutty menyamar jadi Melayu
..haha hahah!!

Kaunseling Bangang Untuk Remaja oleh Metro

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Enggan terus berzina


SAYA pelajar institusi pengajian tinggi awam (IPTA) berusia 22 tahun dan mempunyai masalah yang sudah setahun menghantui hidup saya.

Saya mempunyai kekasih dan dia tidak mempunyai pekerjaan tetap. Bagaimanapun, dia mempunyai pendapatan lumayan hasil daripada kerjanya sebagai pemandu pelancong dan pemandu kenderaan apabila ada orang ingin melancong ke negara jiran.

Gadis Keliru.


ZINA adalah terlarang dan perlu dijauhi. Firman Allah dalam surah Al-Israa, ayat 32 yang bermaksud: "Dan janganlah kamu menghampiri zina, sesungguhnya zina itu adalah satu perbuatan yang keji dan satu jalan yang jahat (yang membawa kerosakan)".

Memandangkan adik dan kekasih sudah terlanjur, pengurusan masalah perlu dilakukan dengan sebaik mungkin dan berlandaskan agama. Niat adik untuk berkahwin adalah baik.

Memang celako lah artikel ni..
Dah tak nak berzina, duduk diam2, jgn buat lagi..
Bagi tau kat s/khabar Metro buat hapa..thee he he

Metro ni tokong ke?
Bagi tau Metro, bagi tau 1Malaya lah maknanya..
Ramai budak2 Melayu baca..
Ramai budak Melayu nak mencuba..

Editor Metro..
Budak kedah ni..
Dr Spora Spon..

Takpe, tunggu.. 3 ekor ni satu hari gerenti kena panah petir.

HAJI Razak Baginda Penceramah Bebas

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SINGAPORE, April 20: Abdul Razak Baginda (file pic, right), the man at the centre of the murder case of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, gave a talk at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, an institute under Singapore's Nanyang University.

Razak, who spotted a beard and appeared to have gained weight, gave the hour-long talk entitled "Radical Islam and the New Caliphate", before answering questions from about 40 participants comprising of journalists and academics...MORE

Bagindo kita ni dah pegi Mekah..
Dah naik haji..thee he he
Tak mau 'naik'  hajah lagi, taubat..thee he he

Dah boleh bagi ceramah hamprak ni..thee he he
Teka apa topik ceramah Bagindo Kito ni?

"Zina Dan Kecelaruan Paris Kekalutan Kapal Selam Apa Scopene Kena Mengena Altantuya?"

Zul Misai Gatai Dah Keliling Satu Dunia

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19 April 2010 Oleh Zulkifli Noordin pada 2:00 PM
Label: Malaysian Insider, PRK Hulu Selangor

Salam 2 all.

Saya mengutuk keras lapuran palsu oleh media portal Malysian Insider bertarikh hari ini yang mendakwa kononnya saya akan turun berkempen untuk BN pada hari Jumaat ini dalam pilihanraya kecil Hulu Selangor (sila lihat lapuran palsu tersebut dibawah).

Saya ingin menegaskan bahawa saya berada di Amerika Syarikat sejak 07 April dan akan mengadakan beberapa lawatan kerja serta perbincangan dan menghadiri beberapa program yang telah diatur samada di Washington, New York dan Emirat Arab Bersatu dan akan hanya kembali ke Malaysia insyallah seawal-awalnya hari Ahad 25 April 2010. Oleh itu adalah mustahil untuk saya berada di Hulu Selangor berkempen untuk BN pada hari Jumaat ini.

Eleh..ek eleh..thee he he
Zul Misai Gatai ni bukan marah sangat..thee he he
Mamat tengah happy, dapat keliling dunia free of charge..

Buat2 la marah kat Msian Insider..ugut2..saman kang! ..thee he he
Padahal nak bagi tau tu..
Dia dah lama kat US..sejak 7 April..thee he he
Orang Washington tak bagi balik..
Lawatan sambil kerja, bincang2, program2..thee he he

mat bijaN sudah silap..
Bawak Jakun pi Washington..thee he he
Jakun dahh tak nak balik berkempen..

Protong Terus Maju, Untuk Rakyat M'sia

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Toyota to pay USD16.4 million fines.

NEW YORK : Monday, 19 April 2010 11:08

NEW YORK – Japanese auto giant Toyota has agreed to pay the US government a fine of nearly US$16.4mil (RM52mil) for concealing gas pedal defects, a senior US government official announced.

"By paying the full civil penalty Toyota is accepting responsibility for hiding the safety defect... in violation of the law," the official told AFP late Sunday.

Toyota tak pandai meniaga kereta daa..thee he he
Mana ada lagi falsafah "the customer always right"..thee he he
Dulu2 bley la..
Ini new millineum millineum..thee he hee
"Carmakers  always right"

Kena contoh Protong..thee he he
"We are always right"..
If you customer feels you are right, Protong is wrong..thee he he
Buy Toyota lah, Isuzu, Honda..

You know la our cars are the cheapest in the region..thee he he

Cinta Nenek Ranggi Metropolis

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Cheated grandma still wants Nigerian lover


A grandmother asked for a divorce from her crippled husband so that she could be with her Nigerian lover despite being cheated of RM600,000 of her EPF savings, Harian Metro reported.

The 58-year-old executive, known only as Sofea, had flown to Nigeria only to find the man living in luxury from his ill-gotten gains.

In an interview, Sofea told the daily that she loved the man, identified only as Fareed, so much that she was unwilling to be separated from him while he was in detention for using forged travel documents in the country.

Nenek macam ni yang buat mamat Afrika tak nak balik..
Kikis, kikis, kikis, sampai habis bulu habis isi tinggal tulang..thee he he

Apa mamat Nigeria ni perayat kat nenek kita ni..thee he he
Ini mesti perayat bab ikan keli afrika..thee he he
"saya ada ikan keli afrika"
"ikan keli afrika saya besar"
"ikan keli afrika saya warna hitam"
"keli afrika dalam tempat takde oksigen pun boleh hidup
thee he he...

Tunggu lah, kementrian si anu nak bawak masuk mem Papua pulak.

Monday, April 19, 2010


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LONDON, April 18 — Arsenal’s faint hopes of winning the Premier League title, rekindled after Chelsea lost yesterday, were finally killed off when they conceded three late goals to lose 3-2 at Wigan Athletic today.

Arsenal, with goals from Theo Walcott and Mikael Silvestre, were coasting towards a 2-0 victory with 10 minutes left but crashed to a stunning defeat as goals from Ben Watson, Titus Bramble and Charles N’Zogbia gave Wigan their first league victory over Arsene Wenger’s side.

Football should be played right to the bloody f***ing dying seconds..haha hahah!
Flair wont win games, balls do..haha hahah!!.. haha hahah!!!

Tak Ada Air, Boleh Tayamum.

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Poor water quality claim in Johor


JOHOR BARU: Quality tests conducted on tap water at several places in Batu Pahat and Yong Peng have shown increased levels of magnesium, said Skudai assemblyman Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

Tests on samples taken from Jalan Kurnia in Batu Pahat, Taman Batu Pahat, Jalan Besar Yong Peng and Taman Bukit Perdana showed magnesium levels that were four times the accepted level, he said.

“This could be one of the reasons why we have received complaints that more children were being admitted to hospitals for diarrhoea,” he said.

Ini kat Johor..thee he he
Bukan kat Gua Musang..
Bukan kat Alor Staq..
Bukan kat Tanjung Tokong..thee he he
Ini kes di negeri surat beranak Ameno-koko-apoko..thee he he

Air kotor..thee he he
Patut le muka selalu berminyak..thee hee he
Patut pun airbrush kat pipi tak tanggal2..thee he he
Tak ada air bersih nak basuh..thee hee he

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orgasmic!!..After 92 minutes of Foreplay.

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City 0 United 1
17/04/2010 13:30, Report by Steve Bartram

Paul Scholes headed a priceless last-gasp winner at Eastlands to keep United in the hunt for the Premier League title.

After a tense, tight derby encounter, the midfielder popped up in the final minute of added time to nod home Patrice Evra's superb cross and move the Reds to within a point of Chelsea, ahead of the league leaders' late trip to Tottenham...MORE

This is how football should be played.
Right to that damn bloody f***ing dying seconds.

Protong Terus Maju, Untuk Rakyat M'sia

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Toyata recalls more cars

DETROIT, April 17 — Toyota Motor Corp said yesterday it would recall 870,000 Sienna minivans sold in the United States and Canada since the 1998 model year because of a risk that the spare tyre could drop into the road.

The recalls cover minivans sold in several cold weather US states and Canada due to potential corrosion from long-term exposure to road salt that could in the worst case, cause the spare tyre to separate from the vehicle, Toyota said...MORE

Jangan cerita recall 870,000 bijik dol..thee he he
Cuba Protong recall 7,000 Wira macamana?

Dijamin tutup terus kilang..
Tak bangun dah..
Serik. Tak mau jual kereta lagi..
Biar padan muka 1Malaya..thee he he
1Malaya boleh naik basikal!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

'Photo Op' ka, 'Photoshop'?

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KUALA LUMPUR, April 15: Ipoh Timur Member of Parliament Lim Kit Siang today questioned whether prime minister Najib Razak, who spent RM77 million to engage Apco Worldwide as his image consultant, had benefited from his 40-minute meeting with US president Barack Obama apart from "a photo op and new image projection at home".

"What did Malaysia get from the US side in the trip of the Malaysian Prime Minister to the United States? Thus far there does not appear to have been much apart from the 40 minute conversation with Obama and some other meetings with US officials...MORE



Ada 3 set gambar..

Gambar paling atas, paling ori, tara tipu..thee he he
Tara photoshop punya..
Tak pecaya, selalu2 pergi Tasik Putrajaya..
Mesti trserempak punya..
Pendek2, gemuk2, tak berapa itam..thee he he

Gambar tengah, gambar model aneroxia..thee he he
Gambar before, nampak tulang rusuk macam tali gitar bass..
Gambar after, tetiba jadi cun..
See? Photoshop works wonders..

Gambar last sekali tu..
Gambar ori, bukan 'photoshop'..
Kalau nak 'photoshop'..thee he he
'Photoshop' free, budak form 4 boleh buat..
Tak payah la modal sampai RM75 juta..thee he he

Yes, tujoh ploh lima juta m'sian ringgit..
Yes, yours and mine..ours
Our hard-earned taxpayers money.

Jamu Power Punya Penangan

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Jamu Indon

Terkena buatan Mat Indon

Setiap hari rakyat Malaysia kawin wanita Indonesia sejak 5 bulan lepas
15 Apr 2010 2:20PM

Secara purata seorang rakyat Malaysia mengahwini wanita Indonesia dari Sumatera setiap hari dalam tempoh lima bulan lepas dan 80 peratus daripada mereka mengambil isteri kedua.
Trend ini dilihat daripada rekod di Pejabat Konsulat Jeneral Malaysia di sini yang menunjukkan bahawa dalam tempoh lima bulan itu, 30 lelaki Malaysia berkahwin wanita Indonesia dari Sumatera setiap bulan.

Konsul Muda Bahagian Konsular dan Imigresen di pejabat itu, Ismail Ali, memberitahu Bernama bahawa pada Januari, terdapat 31 pasangan yang berkahwin, Februari 29 pasangan dan Mac 32 pasangan.

“Hampir kesemua mereka beragama Islam,” katanya...MORE

Jangan salahkan Mat Acheh penjual jamu..
Jangan salahkan bini tak pasang chamber..thee he he
Jangan salahkan anak2 ganggu..

Salahkan minah2 Indon..
Sebab pandai jaga badan..thee he he
Pandai pasang chamber..
Pandai mengayat..
Pandai bersilat..thee he he

Itu pun kementerian si anu masih ada hati..thee he he
Nak bawak masuk minah Papua New Guinea..

Habis la..
Habis hitam ponggog kuali cucu cicit Hang Tuah! ..thee he he

Main Wayang Blue Taman Negara

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Thursday, 15 April 2010 13:20

JERANTUT – Some hanky-panky is going on in Taman Negara and the local people are not amused. Kosmo! reported that a foreign pornographic film is being shot there.

Jerantut Umno Youth chief Wan Amizan Wan Abdul Razak was quoted as saying that he had witnessed the filming while conducting spot checks at the location in early April after receiving complaints from villagers.

“When I confronted him, the film production director insisted that the scene was not against local culture,” he said....MORE

Apa lah you all..
Kata dah buat 1Malaysia..thee he he
Bayar konsultan mahal2 juta2..
Itu pun nak komplen ke..
Telanjang bulat bodies all around..
Ini lah 'civilisation'..thee he he

Apa nak marah..
Ini macam National Geographic..thee he he
Rakam kaldai sondol kaldai..
Rimau tengah buat anak..
Gajah berenjut
..thee he he

Apa nak marah..
Tak ada pun yang sembelit..thee he he
Tak ada pun tahan2 berak 2 hari macam Saiz-pool BauKari Azlan..