Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Have Boats Will Travel.. Errr Study

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As a matter of fact, this is a common view at a jetty in Daro on every Friday evening. The photos were taken as the students are homeward bound to spend the weekend with their families.

Most of the students are from the rural areas and they are studying at the secondary schools in Daro. During weekdays, they stay at the hostel provided by the school. Come weekend and they will be off to their respective villages.
Due to the small number of students qualified or interested to pursue their secondary education, in some places especially in the remote islands of Sarawak, secondary education is not provided. For those who are interested or qualified they will go to the nearest place, which offers one, which is in the nearest town. In some cases, it is very unfortunate that some families from the lower income group just could not manage to send their kids to further their studies.

All along the journey, the boats will be making short stops at the various jetties, which located along the river. It looks dangerous to some but, to them that is the only way to make it.

Come Sunday they will return back to Daro and this cycle will continue, until they finish school or until the government will do something about it.

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