Monday, January 7, 2013

Rio gives let-off to City coin hurl thug

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A YOB who threw a coin at Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand is set to escape prosecution after the player told police to drop the matter.

Officers launched a probe to identify the thug who hurled a 2p coin at Ferdinand as he celebrated United’s winning goal at Manchester City.

Millions watched on TV as the defender wiped away blood from the wound after he was hit above the eye.

Police spent hours scouring CCTV in a bid to find the hooligan. They also contacted United and were told Ferdinand did not want to make a complaint. The investigation was then dropped.

City apologised to Ferdinand, 34, after last month’s stormy encounter at their sold-out stadium.

The player himself laughed off the incident. He tweeted: “Whoever threw that coin, what a shot! Can’t believe it was a copper 2p, could have at least been a £1 coin!”

Source: The Sun

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