Thursday, February 2, 2012

Video of 8-yr-old female guitarist goes viral

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An eight-year-old British girl whose guitar skills have made her a global YouTube star has released her latest amazing video.

Little Zoe Thomson, from Thatcham, Berkshire, is part of the child group Mini Band who found fame last year with a cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman.

Their video racked up more than three million hits and the US band were so impressed with the young music stars they posted a one-minute video online singing their praises.

But Zoe isn't just a one-hit wonder, she is also the star of a string of solo clips of her playing the electric guitar which have charted her incredible progress since the age of six.

And in her latest film — posted online this month, with 400,000 views already — she shows off just how good she is, playing along with a Stratovarius backing track.

Users commented: "Excellent righthand, excellent lefthand... she's exceptionally good. Every good gitarist will find this absolutely amazing."

Another wrote: "I think Zoe mite make some people who has been playing for years feel ashamed! she is amaing."

Mum Collette — who also plays guitar — said Zoe would mess about with her instrument when she was little.

She said: "She made progress really quickly; she's natural and has got really good timing.

"Other people have said that she picks things up really quickly."

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