Thursday, February 9, 2012

Micro pig grows into monster pig

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Trusting Janey Byrne thought she'd bought a trendy micro pig — then watched her balloon into this 108kg monster.

Janey, 43, forked out £350 for porker Meeka after the breeder who sold her said she'd never get bigger than a springer spaniel.

But three years later the hulking beast weighs the same as a rugby forward and is 5ft long and 2½ft high.

She also costs around £200 a month to feed and scoffs at least ten bags of apples and carrots a week.

Janey said: "Every time friends visited they were taken aback by Meeka's size and asked if I was sure she was a micro pig. At this point, I still believed she was — just one with a weight problem."

Knee-height micro pigs are fully grown at two years and weigh 2st — a vet revealed Meeka was in fact a Vietnamese pot belly. The Leicester-based breeder who sold her is refusing to answer Janey's calls.

But despite everything, the receptionist, of Laughteron, Lincs, is refusing to get rid of her giant pet.

She said: "At first, her size was a bit of a shock and my husband Dave thought she'd eat us out of house and home. But I knew he'd come round because it's impossible not to love her.

"When Dave gets back from work he loves snuggling up on the sofa with Meeka and watching TV.

"We both like to lie next to her and cuddle her. At first I was disappointed she wasn't a micro — now I wouldn't change her for the world."

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