Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Now, Where Are Ours?

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Orchard Road is world's top shopping street

Singapore's Orchard Road has been named the top shopping street in the world, beating 29 other premier shopping belts including Paris' Champs Elysees and London's Bond Street, in a mystery shopping survey conducted by a French marketing consultancy, Presence Mystery Shopping.

The marketing company sent about 90 mystery shoppers to nearly 400 retail outlets in these 30 cities.

The mystery shoppers gave Orchard Road the high scores in all the judging categories and received a total of 89 points out of 100.

The four categories looked at the cleanliness of the streets and retail outlets, the quality of the retail staff and the friendliness of passers-by.

Luxembourg's Avenue de la Liberte came in second with 85 points and PC Hoofstraat in Amsterdam, was third with 83 points.

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