Sunday, October 9, 2011

Like Adebayor, TEVEZ Is Another Mancini Victim

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Carlos Tevez upset City fans and the club during the summer when he handed in a transfer request and vowed on an Argentinean chat show to never return to Manchester again describing it as ‘small and wet’.

But the extraordinary scenes against Bayern Munich were something else. There is so much you can take from one play but surely this will be its final straw. As much as City heavily relied on Carlos Tevez last season and probably wouldn’t have had the success they had, had he not played last season, it cannot be condoned and taken lightly this predicament he has left himself in.

Today Tevez has denied Mancini’s claims and has said ‘there was some confusion on the bench’ and that he ‘never refused to play’. Whether that is true which I doubt, it’s probably a way to cover his own neck.

We can all understand Tevez’s frustrations, remember this is a man who didn’t hide his feelings during the summer, he wanted to leave.

City had a bid from Corinthians and they did not accept. So with Dzeko’s great form and Mancini not choosing Tevez and leaving as bench player frustration and anger is probably mounting up in Tevez’s mind. I think we all felt on Saturday when City played Everton and looking like struggling to get a goal we all thought Tevez might come on.

However that was not the case he got to see one by one Balotelli, Milner and Savic come on – he must be thinking the worse. Most fans and pundits must have thought Mancini was saving him for the match against Bayern but once again Tevez was left to watch his team on the bench.

The reason for this fiasco was clearly when Tevez saw De Jong come on instead of him replacing a striker and 2-0 down. I was left shocked aswell when I saw that decision and probably most City fans were too. We know Mancini had a plan up his sleeves but did he explain that to Tevez probably not, (he doesn’t need to don’t get me wrong) but Tevez must of thought Mancini is making an example of him.

Adebayor explained when one of the reason for his horrid time at City and the reason for starting his want away from the club was Mancini and when he was brought on to play the last few seconds of the match against Chelsea.

Could Tevez now be following Adebayor and will he get his wish now by finally leaving the city of Manchester? Who knows but what we do know this is not the last we will be hearing about this.

Shahrouz Salimian

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