Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Circus That Is TEVEZ and the Good News He Is Coming To Malaysia

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In the words of Didier Drogba, "you are a f@#!$&g disgrace!"

Tevez is a good player. Hardworking and he risks his balls on the pitch. Small wonder he is the favourite to the stands. Be it at the Old Trafford or Maine Road.

But recent development has created a furore in the footballing fraternity. Some people in England are baying for his blood.

Scholes knows better, been there done that. He has sympathy for Tevez and he knows how it feels to be given  a turn-around by the gaffer. Tevez was City's top scorer last season, but why is he warming the bench these days? He is a world class footballer and every world class footballer wants to play no matter how many tons of money they have. Was Mancini trying to get back to Tevez for handing a transfer request previously?

Tevez has been gagged from speaking to the press, fined two weeks' wages and the possibility of being banished to train with the reserves like Robbie Savage opines. That will punish him to the core.

Neil Warnock wants him out of England. That's it, Tevez wins. Ha ha ha. And he can play in Malaysia!!

And he can see majestically built but empty stadiums purposely constructed to pay hefty electricity bills. He can get his arse sore laughing knowing a stadium roof collapsed months after completion. And he can enjoy playing in the rain because our pitch will be like a 'sawah padi' due to poor drainage.

Worse, he will scratch his head knowing that football here is governed by people who got nothing to do at all with football. People who are better rest in the armchair at home scratching their scrotum! Ha ha ha!!

~Libang Libu~

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