Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pegi Mampos MJ

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MJ was abandoned to die

Michael Jackson lies dead on a hospital trolley in the shocking last picture of the star.

The King of Pop died after being "abandoned" by doctor Conrad Murray, a jury heard yesterday.

The photo of Jacko in white medical robes with his mouth open was shown at the beginning of the trial of Murray, who is accused of killing the 50-year-old superstar with a lethal overdose of the powerful sedative propofol.

Murray, 58, dabbed his eyes as he listened to the evidence.

He is said to have administered a huge quantity of the drug — then gone off and left him alone to make phone calls and send emails.

The photo of Jackson's body, with the word Homicide written on it, was shown to the court in Los Angeles by prosecutor David Walgren.

Stating the case against the personal doc, who was on a contract worth £96,000 a month, Mr Walgren said: "Conrad Murray abandoned Michael when he needed help.

"It was Conrad Murray's gross negligence, unskilled hands and desire to obtain this contract that led him to not only abandon his patient, but to abandon all principles of medical care."

He told the court, where Jackson's family were listening: "You will learn that the acts and omissions of Michael Jackson's doctor directly led to his premature death. Michael Jackson's death was a homicide. He trusted his life to the skills of Conrad Murray."

Beside the picture of the star dead was one of him taken just a day earlier looking fit rehearsing for comeback shows.

The prosecution detailed the huge amounts of propofol Murray ordered in the weeks before Jacko's death.

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