Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vintage Manchester United

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Vintage or not, Manchester United deserve the Premier League title
Sir Alex Ferguson's 2010-11 team may not be a side to stir the blood but they certainly fought like champions

It was a much more confident Manchester United that won their latest and most historic title on the ground where they lost the last one. Opinion is still divided on precisely where United were blown off course in last season's run-in. After losing Wayne Rooney to injury in Europe the league leaders went down 2-1 at home to give Chelsea hope and impetus. Yet most agree it was the points lost in a woefully poor scoreless draw with Blackburn a week later that forced Sir Alex Ferguson to wait another 12 months to claim final dominance over Liverpool and the record books.

Ironically, this was another draw at Blackburn to add to a poor away record. In finishing second last year they won 11 away games to Chelsea's 10, and a somewhat patchy record outside Old Trafford has led to criticisms that this is an ordinary side by United's remarkable standards, allowed to win almost by default in a lacklustre league where Arsenal and Chelsea failed to find the required competitiveness.

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