Saturday, May 14, 2011

So exactly how bad are Manchester United?

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So, having briefly opened up a double-digit lead in the title race, Manchester United enter a week that could define their season a healthy seven points clear of second-placed Arsenal.

Of course, this team could still win nothing in which case it will be consigned to the dustbin of history but even if it does pick up a bauble or two, well, then the headlines have already been written; this will officially be the worst Manchester United team to win the title. And that must be true, because it's what the men from the papers say.

Take Matt Dickinson of The Times, on Sky's Sunday Supplement following Manchester United's 4-2 victory over West Ham he was emphatic in his conclusion: "It's a remarkable success story even though we are going to write this is the worst United team to win the title. This is the worst of Man United's teams to win the title - I don't think there's any question of that."

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