Friday, May 20, 2011

Seorang Pondan Taiwan Telah Berjaya Dalam Tuntutanya

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A Taiwanese engineer, who was sacked for dressing like a woman, wins his suit against his employer.

The Mackay Memorial Hospital in Taipei has been fined NT$50,000 (RM5,250) by the labor department for violating gender equality laws.

Chou Yi-jen, who was sacked in December last year, said he wished to get his job back.

"I have deep feelings towards Mackay and the many familiar faces there, although anger, I still wish to go back," said the 35-year-old.

He also demanded the employer to continue paying him the salary of NT$30,000 (RM3,150) per month from the day he was unlawfully sacked.

Chou said he was recruited by the hospital in 2007.

"At first, I wore the men attire to work but I couldn't curb my desire of wanting to be a woman.

"So I started keeping long hair, wearing women clothing to work and use the female toilet," he said.

The hospital has yet to announce if it wants to appeal the ruling.

Source: Apple Daily

Published May 20 2011

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