Saturday, May 14, 2011

Park Ji- Sung: United's Unsung Hero

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He can be considered Sir Alex Ferguson’s secret weapon. More times than not he has played his part in decisive goals and always performs on the big occasion. Forget Wayne Rooney, forget Javier Hernandez and the rest bar one man; Park Ji-Sung. The 5ft 10” South Korean may not be the high profile signing that Manchester United fans often cry out for but when called upon, he has rarely lets his team mates and, perhaps more importantly, the fans down.

Signed from PSV Eindhoven for £4m back in 2005, his high work-rate and never-say-die attitude has seen him win plaudits from a number of members of media who have often praised the now former South Korea international. While injuries have, at times, heavily impacted Park’s input, he has still helped United to three Premier League trophies, three Carling Cup wins, a Community Shield, the 2008 Champions League and, with it, the 2008 FIFA World Club Cup.

Milestones for Park include becoming the first ever Asian player to captain United, the first man from South Korea to win the Premier League in 2007 and the first ever Asian player to play in a Champions League final back in 2009; a feat achieved off the back of his goal in the semi-final second leg against Arsenal.

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