Saturday, May 21, 2011

Painful Training Ground Prank

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Jaap Stam reveals details of painful training ground prank which backfired on Peter Schmeichel

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel was weft writhing in agony after a painful training ground prank several years ago went horribly wrong. His United team-mate Nicky Butt was egged on to press a red hot kettle against the big Dane's backside as they showered, but Schmeichel turned around and Butt forced the container on to his manhood.

Needless to say, Schmeichel was less than impressed with having his wedding tackle scorched and set off after Butt to exact retribution. Scorcher! Schemichel was left nursing a pain in the box following Butt's prank However, his attempts to chase down his assailant, dressed in nothing more than a towel, gave the on-looking United players even further cause for hilarity.

The details of the prank were revealed by former Old Trafford defender Jaap Stam, who told The Sun: 'Nicky made a move to put the kettle on to Peter's ass making the rest of us laugh and some inciting him to do so. 'At the same time Nicky had the audacity to put the kettle forward, Peter turned around to see what was going on and got the hot kettle against his ****!'

Kiss and make up: Butt was chased around The Cliff training ground Stam added: 'Peter, who went mad, wrapped a towel around his hip and went after Nicky. 'Nicky had to run for his life as Peter chased him all around The Cliff a few times leaving us in tears from laughing. Unforgettable!'

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