Monday, May 23, 2011

Alhantuya BLOW...

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"Sumpah saya tak kenal pompuan Mongol itu"
thee he he… thee he he…

Blow punya blow..punya blow.
Kesian Alhantuya, datang mai jauh jauh.
Sorang pun tak ngaku kenal.
thee he he…

Sapa nak ngaku kenal kalau dah dibuat bola
Boleh pass-pass.

Sapa pun tak mau kawan kalau dah jadi macam Saiful BauKari
Depan belakang boleh..

Blow punya blow..punya blow.
Alhantuya sendiri yg meletup!

Altantuya blows hot again on Najib Razak
Written by V Vijay, Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

In 2009, from the streets of delightful Paris, a sewer burst open, disgorging its contents of vile corruption and waste into, of all places, the hallways of Malaysia's administrative capital, Putrajaya. We write, of course, of the expose of the Armaris submarine contract, by the journalists of La Liberation.

The article written by Arnaud Dubus would detail the remarkable corruption of the Armaris submarine deal and would reveal the chilling nature of the murder of Altantuya Shariibu by two policemen. Raja Petra, a well known Malaysian blogger, would shock his audience by signing an affidavit implicating the current Prime Minister and his wife in that murder.

Raja Petra has since retracted his claim, by saying that he only wrote what he was told. The curious timing of his retraction, coinciding with both the Sarawak elections and the upcoming open court hearing on the Armaris contract in France, has given rise to speculation that he has been turned.

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