Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alan Hansen: Manchester United are ill-equipped to stifle Barcelona's brilliance

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Sir Alex Ferguson will have to take a leaf out of Jose Mourinho’s book if Manchester United are to win what looks likely to be another Champions League final against Barcelona.

He must do what Inter Milan did last year and what Real Madrid tried to do last week. He must kill the game and, to the purists, spoil the occasion. It is not pretty.

But it is the only way to win.

What Mourinho’s Madrid did in the Bernabeu on Wednesday night was hellish to watch. It made one of the most appetising semi-finals in recent years a non-event.

Barcelona did not cover themselves in glory, with their histrionics and theatrics, but it was Mourinho’s tactics which made for an almost tragic spectacle.

For a Real Madrid manager to do that is almost unthinkable. At home, in the Champions League, with the world watching, with all of the history and tradition of the Bernabeu, and when he will never have a better chance to get at Barcelona.

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