Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Try fARKING Your Car at General Hospital Kuala Lumpur

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When it comes to finding a space for your car in General Hospital K Lumpur, it is downright CUNT-fusing! And there are millions of cars too.

Recently on the 22nd and 23rd of March, I went to the General Hospital to accompany my wife.
Oh dear, now we have metered fARKING, now if we want to fARK our car we have to pay. Gone were the days when we can simply fARK our car under the shades of any tree in the General Hospital compound.

Now dear General Hospital has abandoned us and ganging up with that sucker Bismark to watch over the fARKING bays in the hospital.  And the white-and-yellow uniformed personnel are programed to bark, “you cant fARK your car there",  "fARK your car elsewere", "no more fARKING space!”

Now, who secured this bloody easy money making fARKING  contract? I said easy becase all this sucker need to do is set up a RM2 company, employs a couple of Banglas, some yellow paint to draw up the fARKING bay and rest easy this sucker will collect at least RM2 per any car who dares to enter the hospital compound.

Fate has it on the 23rd of March,  I will part ways with a huge amount of money. RM52.00. Yes my hard earned RM52.00.

RM50 to unclamp the tyre and RM2 for daring to try to fARK my car inside the General Hospital compound.

According to the Bangla,

One bloody fARKING Pengarah was so incensed that I blocked his nicely fARKED car.
This bloody fARKING Pengarah was so angry now because he was late and he cannot have his bloody fARKING lunch at Kampung Baru with his 'jambu'.
The Pengarah also said don't accept any appeal from me , the fine was RM50 mandatory.

The Pengarah also told the Bangla to tell me,

"Who the fARK this car owner think he is?"
"I am the Pengarah of this hospital and this hospital is mine, just like this hospital belongs to my 'bapak' before or just like this hospital belongs to my 'datuk' before my 'bapak'"
"One day this hospital will belong to my son and he will charge even more for fARKING"

"What? Only MamakKutty son can make money in this hospital?"
"Pergi la mam with MamakKutty..he can fARK himself dry.. KAH KAH KAH KAH KAH KAH!"

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