Saturday, April 30, 2011


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Sorry, KAH KAH KAH KAH! Do not be fooled by the title. I was'nt smuggling anything forbidden, I was smuggling my wife out of Daro, Sarawak.

The story,

It happened in August 2009.

My wife was 8 months pregnant and we both been hurled in a far, far away land in Daro, Sarawak. Away from parents and relatives. Us the newlyweds were expecting our first baby in a foreign place.

Doctors in Daro District Hospital earlier had refused to issue us a release letter stating my wife was fit to board a flight. It meant we were not allowed to fly out of Sarawak, like it or not the baby has got to be delivered in Daro, Sarawak. Period.

Actually with all due respect, we did not looking down upon the ability of the medical team at Daro District Hospital, the facility is superb, the doctors are excellent and the nurses are way too friendly with us. We knew they tried their best to make us feel at home. But then again, home was where our hearts were at the moment.

The baby was due in the fasting month, of all the 12 months we have she has choosen the fasting month! So according to the script, we were going to fast here, then the baby will arrive and we were going to celebrate Aidilfitri here in Daro with my wife still in her confinement period. Howzzat?

Easier said than done.  I knew no nuts about taking care of a new born and a new mother in her confinement period.

What food to eat and what to be avoided. I have to find a 'tukang urut'. I have to find a 'tungku'. I have to get some 'minyak angin' for her too, but what if the 'minyak angin' here did'nt suit my wife?What if my wife got 'angin' all over her body?  How my wife gonna answer the nature's call? Is is OK for her to squat? KAH KAH KAH! After all we have a 'cangkung' toilet in the house.

After much thought and after one too many sleepless nights, we made up our mind. I have to smuggle my wife back to peninsula from Daro, Sarawak. There was no way our baby going to be born here.

Our Zahra now. A beauty.
And we took our chance, and we did everything we can think of to avoid being noticed at the Sibu Airport. But to our own amazement, the journey was fuss-free right from the hotel room in Sibu, in a taxi to the airport, at the checkpoint, though I must admit that  my heart went DUB! DUB! DUB! DUB! everytime I saw an AirAsia official or custom officer. KAH KAH KAH!

Well, the rest they say was history. Our Zahra was born on 25th Sept 2009 at HUSM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.

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