Thursday, March 31, 2011


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Ini dia Space TOURIST. Free-free dapat pegi bulan. Berlagak plak tu. Dah pandai letak harga skrg..

"T/kaseh aje la...
Buat susah2 hantar aku pegi bulan..
Jangan marah aku...thee he he
Marah la Madey.."

Space tourism closer as Virgin Galactic nears lift off
By Richard Scott
Transport correspondent, BBC News, in the Mojave Desert

In the Mojave Desert, a hundred miles north of Los Angeles, engineers are working on a project which could bring space travel to the general public a little bit closer.

In a non-descript beige hangar sits the Virgin Galactic spaceship.

The company is hoping it will be ready to take paying customers into space within a couple of years.

I visited to see how the work was going - and to be the first journalist to report from inside the spaceship.

After climbing through a small hole almost underneath the spaceship, it's clear there's still work to be done.

There are bare walls with wires and there aren't any seats yet. But it does provide a sense of what it will be like for the six passengers on each trip.

All along the spaceship's cabin are windows - some to the sides, others in the roof. The windows will let the passengers see the blue sky of earth first turn purple, and then into the blackness of space. Click HERE for more

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