Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Are What We Eat

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How to Tell If You Have Healthy Feces
By lxlunat1cxl, eHow Member

Feces can determine whether our body is healthy or not. Are you satisfied with your feces in terms of their size, color, smell, textures, etc? By knowing certain aspects and abnormalities in our feces, we can detect any illnesses and early signs of a more serious problem. Learn how you can tell if you have healthy feces!

So, what are feces and what are they composed of? Feces can reflect the food that we ate, the age of our colon, and even our health status. Healthy feces reflect a healthy body that can lead to longevity and good health. Feces are pretty much intestinal bacteria and water combined.

First off, smelly feces are good indicators of diseases. If your feces smells so bad that the stench is unbearable, chances are that you have "bad" germs in our intestinal tracts than the "good" germs.

As for ideal feces, most feces should be either golden yellow, brownish yellow, brown, or near yellowish. The volume of these banana shaped feces should be about 100 grams and about 2-3 pieces each bowel movement. They should be round and smooth, with a texture of peanut butter.

Your healthy feces should smell and have a slight odor, but nothing too strong or smelly.

As for hardness, healthy feces are hard like bananas, but soft and tender, similar to toothpaste. About 80% of your feces is water. You should feel comfortable and relaxed each bowel movement. Your feces should come out without having to push too hard.

Some signs of unhealthy feces include it being too sticky, watery, slimy, rough, smelly, blood mixed in with your feces, abnormal textures ( esp. black), etc.

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