Friday, February 25, 2011

Non-Malays Are Deserting National School

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This article appeared in The Nut Graph a few months ago ad I see it merits a republishing in my pages in the light of the 'brain drain' problem 1Malaya is facing.

What makes the top talents leaving our shores? It may starts at our schools.

~ libanglibu

The Nut Graph

"Initially, I had worries about her (my seven-year-old) fitting in but I think she's going to be okay," Ann says, recounting how her daughter picked up Mandarin after only a month. Ann is not the only non-Chinese Malaysian parent sending her children to Chinese vernacular schools.

Indeed, though the statistics may be scarce, it would seem that there is an annual increase in the number of non-Chinese Malaysians who are being enrolled in these vernacular schools. But why are parents opting for Chinese vernacular schools and not national schools?
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