Monday, February 21, 2011

ESCAPE From Kosovo

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This is an interesting read. I take this Shefki Kuqi as a muslim since he is an ethnic Albania and he fled the country during the Balkan War.

This is a story of a man at a tender age of 12 has to fled his country to avoid persection. He survived the remarkable journey that took him from Vucitrn, Kosovo - Mitrovica - Belgrade - Gdansk - to Finland.

Now he plays for Newcastle United.

Shefki Kuqi

Kuqi: I was terrified of making a sound
Newcastle's well-travelled forward Shefki Kuqi's recalls the dramatic journey he made from Kosovo in 1989.

When Shefki Kuqi rumbled off the bench for Newcastle last Saturday, he was making his debut for his 13th senior club. He is almost the definition of the journeyman striker. But his is a journey more extraordinary than most, one that began in 1989, when he was 12 years old.

Kuqi was born in Vucitrn, a town in Kosovo, then in Yugoslavia, where two-thirds of the population were ethnic Albanians. Kuqi's family were among them. He grew up in a small village just outside Vucitrn, most of whose residents worked in a metal-processing plant on the road into the town. There were only 10 Serb houses in the village, five in a cluster just over the road from Kuqi's house, five just behind.

"We started school at six and a half," Kuqi remembers. "There were separate Kosovan and Serb classes in the same school and, from the age of 10, Kosovan children were expected to study the Serbian language. Maybe once or twice a week we'd get to school an hour early and play a game of football, Kosovans v Serbs, which would always draw a crowd. Click HERE for more

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