Thursday, January 20, 2011

FCUK Markom

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Tabiat pemakanan tempe yang betol

Mamat ni pun cuba mengamalkan tabiat memakan tempe,

tapi salah makan, habis luruh semua rambut!KAH KAH KAH! 

But Markrom says: It's our job to go after anti-gov't teachers
Written by Stan Lee, Malaysia Chronicle

A row has flared up in Tenang even before the BN unveils its candidate for the by-election due to be balloted by the end of this month. Johor Education Department director Markom Giran, who was caught on video allegedly campaigning for the ruling coalition, defended his actions by saying that it was his duty to "send for courses" those found to be "against government policy".

"I did not campaign. I was speaking to my subordinates. It is our right to identify which (political parties) our teachers are supporting," Malaysiakini reported Markom as saying on Monday.

"If they are found to be against the government, we will call them up and send them for courses to let them understand that a government servant should not be against government policy."

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