Monday, November 1, 2010

AYAM Bermacam AYAM!

Aaaayam.. bermacam aaaaayam..

Ayam kampung, ayam daging, ayam katik, ayam gemok, ayam menggelambir..

Ayam Turki, ayam Siam, ayam Belanda, ayam Peking, 

Ayam Pox, ayam Mongol..

Monday November 1, 2010 THE STAR

PM resting after early signs of chicken pox

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has been advised to rest at home and avoid all public and official functions following medication as a result of early signs of chicken pox.

Ayam Turki

The Prime Minister’s media adviser, Datuk Seri Jalaludin Bahaudin, said in a statement issued to Bernama last night that Najib began to feel unwell and subsequently developed rashes, muscle aches and joint pains on the last day of the Asean summit and related summits in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Ayam Mongol (RM8.95 HERE)

On arrival here yesterday, Najib showed early signs of chicken pox and was immediately started on appropriate treatment.


Empangan Bakun: Satu Penilaian Semula KEPALA HOTAK Madey

If those jungles could speak.
If those trees could speak.
If those fishes could speak.
If those rivers could scream!
They could'nt.

But the natives could.
Damn you. Damn you! Damn you!
For all the hardships.

Ini semua Madey punya pasal.. ini semua idea karut-marut dia

Seluas-luas bumi Sarawak, licin kena tarah..

Di hulu lemas dibanjirkan, di hilir dikontang keringkan bot pun tak boleh lalu.

Where Have All the Water Gone?

We have just received a call from Daniel, a Kenyah teacher, in Belaga: “Nanga Merit, Nanga Metah, Punan Bah, SK Long Terawan, SK Nanga Merit, SK Punan Bah, Kampung Terawan … All the schools and villages below Belaga Town are cut off because the river has dried up due to the impoundment of Bakun Dam.”

“Even the engineers of Sarawak Hydro are telling us that the state government has no plan to overcome the problem because they are unlikely to stop the impoundment.”

“Please help us to highlight our problem. The people in those settlements need food and medicine, but the water is too shallow for boats to travel,” Daniel sounded desperate. (read more HERE)

The Mighty Rajang River Is So Not Mighty After All

On Oct 13, the impoundment of water into the controversial Bakun Dam, which is about 30 miles from Belaga, started.

Immediately after the impoundment, the water level in the Rajang and its tributaries dropped by more than 6 metres, causing river transportion in Belaga to come to a standstill during the weekend. The impoundment is expected to last seven months.(yes, seven bloody months!)

The flooding of the dam was met with resistance from environmentalists who felt that the prolonged drought would bring negative ecological consequences. The effect is showing now.

The RM7.3 billion hydro electric dam project has been called one of the most expensive white elephants(now mega tower?) in the state. It was delayed and infested with political issues. It is now up for sale with the Sarawak government as one of its main contenders.

The dam - one of South-east Asia's largest - was awarded to tycoon Ting Pek King's Ekran Bhd in early 1994 and four years later, the Federal government took control of the project. (read more HERE)


Remember Monica LEWINSKY?

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is highly likely to take time off her busy schedule to meet with Pakatan Rakyat leaders Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang, although such a move may enrage and trigger threats of protests from Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Umno party.

Ini Ziana Zain, bukan Monica Lewinsky

Dah laaa tu... cukup2 laa tu...

Bini Clinton cakap tak mau, maknanya tak mau laaa... jangan laaa main paksa2..theee hehe

Ikut suka dia laaaa.. kalau dia nak jumpa, nanti dia cakap la nak jumpa...

Lagi pun dia bukan first lady dan dia pernah ada Second Lady, Monica Lewinsky..thee he he

Monica Lewinsky penyanyi slim-melim, penyanyi karaoke Bill Clinton theee hee heee

Biarla dia nak jumpa Mat Nuar dulu.. thee he he

Bini Clinton nak tau sangat2 tu sapa rembat isi sarat lubang ekzos Saiful BauKari sampai tinggal bekas?

And while oil to Umno’s fire, Clinton’s public recognition for Malaysia’s first significant opposition will carry enormous implications and send reverberations across international diplomatic and business corridors although the government here may refuse to acknowledge the development.(read more HERE)

Ini baru betul Monica Lewinsky


MEGA TOWER Lighthouse

Manfaat bina Menara Warisan — Azman Anuar October 27 2010

27 OKT — Ketika Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hendak membina jambatan Pulau Pinang dan Menara Berkembar Petronas atau Kuala Lumpur City Centre KLCC dahulu teruk beliau dibidas dan dikritik.

1Malaya boleyyyyh!!! 1Malaya boleyyyyh!!! 1Malaya boleyyyyh!!!

Memang banyak manfaat.. 1Malaya sudah tahu..

Anak bini, ipar duai, cucu cicit, piat piut...thee he he makan tak habis 7 keturunan..

Memang banyak manfaat.. tauke minyak tar awal2 dah ketawa guling2 atas tar.. thee he he

Bermanfaat kat polong2, pelesit2 yg dah hilang hutan kena sondol, boleh la duduk MEGA TOWER..

Bermanfaat utk pelancongan negara, MEGA TOWER Bungee Jumping! theee he he he

Bermanfaat utk industri sarang burung, MEGA TOWER Bird Nest Farming!

Koman2 pun, kalau tak laku sangat .. boleh dibuat pedoman utk jet2 dan helikopter..thee hee hee

Boleh di'convert' menjadi Rumah Api MEGA TOWER!!! thheee hee hee

Kini apabila Datuk Seri Najib Razak mengumumkan projek Menara Warisan Merdeka bernilai RM5 bilion di lokasi Stadium Negara dan Stadium Merdeka beliau turut dihentam oleh pihak pembangkang.

Pembinaan menara yang diumumkan oleh Najib ketika membentangkan Bajet 2011 itu dikritik kerana ia disifatkan sebagai projek membazir Sehinggakan beberapa pemimpin pembangkang dan sebilangan laman web begitu ghairah mengkritik cadangan projek tersebut.(read more HERE)