Monday, August 16, 2010

Chairman - Manusia Bangku

Goyang sana garu sini, gaji dan elaun RM2 juta setahun?
Oleh Sidiqin Omar/SUARA KEADILAN

PETALING JAYA 14 Ogos - Dalam keadaan golongan peneroka bergelut dengan Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan (Felda) untuk mendapatkan hak mereka dan layanan yang lebih adil, dan juga kemungkinan agensi itu bankrap, pengerusinya, Tan Sri Dr Mohd Yusof Noor didakwa menikmati gaji, imbuhan serta elaun berjumlah RM2 juta setahun.

Jangan main-main.. tgk orang la.. 'Tan', 'Sri', 'Dr'..

Songkok-songkok apppa barang... mana ada Usop Songkok lagi.. thee he he he

Ini Usop Chairman tau?? Usop Masyuk tau? thee he he heeee

Mendedahkan perkara ini, Naib Presiden KEADILAN Sivarasa Rasiah melontar cabaran kepada Dr Mohd Yusof bersifat telus dan mendedahkan kepada rakyat jumlah ganjaran sebenarnya yang diterima beliau selaku Pengerusi Felda.

Go Green This Ramadan

by Arwa Aburawa

With the month of Ramadan here, food supplies are stocked up (ironic, I know), appointments are rescheduled and preparations are made for the month of spiritual rediscovery.

At its simplest Ramadan is a welcome reminder of the basic but invaluable blessing of food and water, but it is also a chance for Muslims to re-affirm their faith and reconnect with god and all his creations. And what better way to do this then by ‘greening’ your Ramadan.


Well, no one saw that coming. The ten-men of Liverpool take the lead thanks to a thumping strike from DAVID NGOG. Arsenal don't clear their lines on the edge of the 'D' and the Liverpool striker, from Mascherano's clever pass, fires an unstoppable effort past Manuel Almunia at his near post. That's one hell of a strike from a man in form.

Liverpool 1-0 Arse...nal

"Reina got to it first but fielded it like a hot potato, spilling it carelessly over the line. Butterfingers.."

Arsenal got away with murder.

Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal

AON. What AON?

Yet fans on the other side of the pond who prefer green and gold are wondering what the company's name stands for.

Best guesses so far:

Accounts Obscenely Negative,

Arab Oil Needed,

or maybe Abnormal Overdraft Necessary.

but Arab Oil Needed suits the most!