Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Women On TOP

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Prime Minister's wife Rosmah Mansor has some words of advice for professional and business women: “Don't make the perennial mistake of comparing your success to that of men.”

Boleh..apa pulak tak boleh.. M'sia Boleyyyyyyhh!!!

Nak naik tinggi-tinggi, nak maju jauh-jauh, nak duduk kat atas.. thee he he

Boleh... tapi thee he he he tengok laa orang yg macamana..

Mesti laa bersesuaian.. kena la bijak, pandai buat kerja dan yang penting sekali..thee he he

Jangan laa berat sangat! Jangan laa yg menggelambir-gelambir! Jgn laa yg macam anak badak!

“The notion that a woman is successful only if she is able to replicate the success of a man is not only flawed but often forms a stumbling block for their progress,” she said.

She was delivering a keynote address when opening a two-day “Asian Woman of Influence Summit 2010” organised by Asian World Summit (AWS) with the theme "Behind Every Successful Woman is the Woman Herself".

"It is important to understand that a woman is different not only from the basic building blocks at the generic level, she differs at the emotional and interpersonal level, as well," she said.

Rosmah said therefore the need to compare a man and a woman is unneccesary as neither is a superior gender.

"Both genders are equipped with characteristics and skills that are varied but eventually this difference actually allows both genders to complement one another," she said.

She also said that Malaysian professional and business women should unite and strengthen their voice through associations to better represent their common interest, share information and provide mentoring and coaching to other budding women talents.

"I believe only through this can women be able to receive mutual support, widen their networking

and undertake advocacy with the government, with society and within the business community."

Smart alliances

Women also must strive harder to form stronger, broader, and a robust support networks like the gentlemen's club or men's business club where most of the men do their networking, mentoring and socialising, in efforts to elevate the women's collective standing, she said.

However, she said, the networking must be substantive and not just merely social in nature and the women must create smart alliances and partnerships, not just from within their organisations and limited to their local communities, but must also transcend regionally and globally, whilst continuing to support each other in issues that could pose as hindrances to success.

Rosmah said the strong networking can be attained through building more authentic relationship, not just upward, but sideways and downwards as well, and the women also must be able to make visible their talents and not be shy to display their skills that can add to success.

"It is not about being egotistical, but rather being genuine and unafraid to share their talents with others and their organisations. In addition, they must continueto have widely connected advisers and champions," she said.

Rosmah said since there are now many corporations headed by women, "these are the people with whom they (the women) must connect and foster relationships for mutual benefits of all women, socially and professionally."

- Bernama

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