Monday, November 8, 2010

Tarik TERSENTAP Pekara Biasa

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I wish to announce my withdrawal as a candidate from the contest of Deputy President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and my resignation from all posts held in the party.

Cicit Bujang Senang

Lemang ketupat dah siap semua, baru nampak kereta menjalar masuk halaman.

Durian gugur berdebab berdebub, baru nampak muka di kampung.

Orang lain bersakit-sakit dulu, baru bersenang-senang kemudian.

Orang lain kena telanjang-telanjang dulu, baru dapat menang-menang kemudian.

Jangan ikut resmi, nak senang-senang Dulu, Kini pun nak yang senang-senang dan Selama-lamanya tau nak senang tak reti nak susah.

Kalau nak senang semua, isi balik borang UMNO.

I was offered to join this party under the belief that I could promote enlightened and progressive politics; nurture and develop principled political values and culture that I consider indispensable to the development of democracy and good governance in this country. I was mistaken.

Over the course of the party elections, events have shown that the leadership actively condones malpractices and electoral fraud to achieve its designed objectives. I am certain that any political party with such hypocritical and false values will not be able to offer meaningful reforms to the people of this country.

I have made this decision because there is no attempt on the part of the party leadership to address the various issues of manipulation and unfair electoral practices, although these issues were raised repeatedly.

I wish to thank all the members who have supported me and placed their faith in the cause of reform. It is of utmost disappointment that I am unable to continue in this flawed election process. I remain committed to the Opposition’s cause and will continue to speak about the issues of the common people. Together, we will continue our unabated struggle towards a better government for the people.

Finally, I hope those adoring fans of Anwar Ibrahim will no longer regard me as a “spoiler” standing in the way of their march to Putrajaya. I wish them well.


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