Saturday, October 9, 2010

Soon MU Will Do a Liverpool

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Like Liverpool is doing a Leeds right now.

Glazer debt drains Manchester United's £100m record profits

Manchester United's full year results will today lay bare the financial tensions of the Glazer era and further fuel the ire of the owners' critics. The club made record operating profits but still recorded huge overall losses due to interest repayments and one-off costs related to a £509m bond issue.

It is understood the results will reveal that the club's operating profits topped £100m for the first time, thanks to increased matchday, broadcasting and commercial revenues. Read more at

Man United announce £83.6m loss

Manchester United have become the first English club to crash through the £100million profit barrier - while at the same time posting an £83.6million loss.

The widely contrasting figures once again emphasise how the Red Devils remain one of the world's most attractive sporting organisations, while at the same time showing the cost of a hugely controversial takeover by the Glazer family in 2005. Read more at

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