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"Saya Tak Ada KUASA.."

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First Racism, now Sex Stimulants
by Mariam Mokhtar

Friday, 08 October 2010 22:23

COMMENT Education Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin recently announced that the encouraging result from pilot projects might mean that sex education could be incorporated into the national school curriculum.

Saya tak ada kuasa.. saya bukan Ayah Pin.. Ayah Pin boleh laa...

Ayah Pin ada kerajaan langit..thee he he hee saya TPM aje.. thee he he

Ayah Pin ramai pengikut.. thee he he saya ikut MamakKutty..

Sex education apa susah.. skrg dah ada STAR.. thee he he

Bukan Sek Tunku Abd Rahman tau..


We’ve heard about being proactive, showing enthusiasm and being creative at work, but one teacher from Johore was caught selling sexual stimulants in his school. He is misconstruing the education minister’s call and bringing “sex education” to a new dimension.

This teacher, from a Johore school, did not bother to wait for the official guidelines and, of course, he covered a topic which would probably not have been included in any sex education taught at school.

He distributed brochures on sexual enhancement products to the students in his school and sold them sexual enhancement drugs, pills and gels.

His conduct and actions are unacceptable. But what would parents and the general public think of the punishment meted out to him?

Although a number of reports were lodged against the teacher and an investigation was conducted by the Education Ministry, it then took the unusual step of transferring this teacher to another school!

Is that the best action the Education Ministry can muster?

What the ministry has done is to create a dangerous precedent.

This disgraceful teacher will be able to continue his unacceptable ways and ply a new batch of students in another school with sexual aids, to corrupt them with his evil ways.

It does not matter if this teacher will be strictly monitored and his actions scrutinised closely, in his new placement.

We all know how enforcement in our country is good, only in the initial stages, for after a little while, boredom, familiarity or laziness set in. This teacher will then return to his lucrative ‘side’ business supplying students with sexual enhancement aids.

What did this teacher tell the Education Ministry that he managed to get off lightly? Does the ministry think this is not at all a serious matter?

There must be several angry parents displeased with the outcome.

The law is there for a reason and this teacher was conducting a business in school, when he should have been teaching.

Moreover, he was selling them things that are probably illegal anyway. He has corrupted our children, taken their money and who knows what else he has been telling them about sex?

Children, especially teenagers are naturally curious and they may want to experiment. Some of the sexual enhancement drugs, like “poppers” contain amyl nitrate which make people who take them high, by altering their mood. These people then commit unsafe acts without realising it.

It is not known if acquaintances of this teacher are also supplying other services to the same students? Anyone with any business sense will know that these students will be a ready market for similar types or ‘accessories’ of the original product.

The Education Ministry is wrong to punish this teacher with the equivalent of a rap on the knuckles.

He should be dismissed if the report concluded that he was guilty. One hopes that whilst waiting for the report to be finalised, the ministry found the presence of mind to suspend this teacher.

Teachers in Johore seem to be guilty of a variety of offences from uttering racist comments to selling sexual aids. It speaks volumes about the teaching culture in that particular state.

It is also true that only a small percentage of teachers abuse the trust placed in them and act irresponsibly. But parents want a severe punishment for a serious offence.

The shame is that the Education Ministry seems incapable of an appropriate deterrent, both in the racism case and now, this sexual case. Why is the Ministry so incompetent?

If it is impossible to sack the teachers because of some clause in their contract, then why can’t the government’s legal department do something about it?

If there is will, there will be a way, but it is clear that the political will to act decisively is lacking.

It looks like the Education Ministry from Education Minister down to his department heads need an education in responsibility, accountability and competency.

* The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysian Mirror and/or its associates.

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