Monday, October 11, 2010

PROTONG Terus Maju, Untuk Rakyat M'sia

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PETALING JAYA – Proton considers its move to recall the Gen.2 and Satria Neo due to defective parts as a positive exercise, saying it will not have a severe impact on the company's performance.

Ini kes tahan bubu.. kes pasang jerat.. pasang lukah.. theee he he

Tak ada cara lain dah ke nak mengembongkan kantong?

Jual kereta 'dirt cheap' kat Pak Arab.. thee he he

Tup tup kat 1Malaya nak recall-recall plak..

Ini nak jual kereta ke nak jual spare-part? thee he he

Memang la nak tukar clock spring.. thee he he natey gapo clock spring.. thee he he

Kemudian; "Tayar kereta encik ni dah botak".. "brek kereta encik ni dah tak makan, encik nak mampus ke?" thee he he

"Encik tak nak tukar cermin baru ke? Kami ada cermin kebal"

theee heee heeee heeeee heee

Lepas kena bubu dengan saman ekor.. masuk lukah Protong pulak..

Berbagai cara nak mengembong kantong kroni.

In stating this, its managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamad Tahir said customers' safety is the priority for the company and the recall was the management's commitment to provide quality service to customers.

Owners of the affected models can contact any authorised Proton service centre for a free inspection, and all costs on labour and parts required to replace a clock spring will be borne by more HERE

"We have a budget and it's not a big amount that we have to spend, it's about RM4mil to RM5mil. I don't think Proton will be badly affected," Syed Zainal told reporters here on Saturday.

"Our job is not to worry about the cost but to make sure that we rectify the problem immediately for consumer safety," he said.

Asked why Proton took "a long time" to rectify the problem, Syed Zainal said Proton had to find the right approach to tackle the problem.

"Based on the number of cases, based on our standard global quality practice that triggered certain actions to be taken, we took immediate counter-measures, work with our supplier to make sure the counter-measures are in place," he said.

"After testing has been done in our plant and until we are comfortable, then we call for this exercise," he said in a Bernama report.

Proton on Thursday announced a voluntary recall of its Gen.2 and Satria Neo cars made between 2004 and 2008 due to a clock spring malfunction that raises potential safety concerns.

The clock spring connects switches and airbags to the radio, horn and cruise control.

The voluntary recall, part of the company's Global Quality Assurance programme, affects 15,911 units worldwide (two per cent) of 660,000 cars produced and sold over the four-year period.

A total of 5,836 cars in Malaysia comprising 4,128 Gen.2 1.6 A/T H-Line and 1,708 Satria Neo 1.6 A/T Hi-Line cars came with the auto cruise function.

However, the problem was not considered serious as there had been only a few reported cases of airbags being suddenly triggered.

As of yesterday, all the 22 countries affected had been notified officially and the parts were sent for the exercise, Syed Zainal said.

To date, about two million cars comprising various Proton models are on the road.

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