Sunday, October 31, 2010

PENDEK Tapi Mentekedarah Kuat

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Yang ini bawak pegi Paris.. utk shopping-shopping

Yang ini pakai masa kat Monte Carlo

Selena Tay HARAKAH

"Hey, Big Spender" is a well-known old cabaret song. I happen to think of this song in relation to Budget 2011. This is really a massive-spending budget and the 'Big Spender' of course refers to prime minister Najib Razak.

Nak buat macamana..thee he he kalau dah jenis kuat mencekik

Kalau tinggi, rangka besar, tak mengapa laaaa.. tak nampak sangat..thee he he

Ini badan macam ayam katik.. naik 2 kilo dah kena tukar spender

Patut la renovation bukan main mahal..semua kena tukar, ganti baru

Takut runtuh!

One of the great mammoth projects is the iconic RM5 billion 100-storey Menara Warisan Merdeka. This project even warranted a Facebook page by itself where close to 200,000 Facebook users protested against it.

I simply call this type of spending as reckless. I cannot understand the need for such wasteful spending when there are more urgent needs to be attended to, such as affordable low-cost homes for the poor. And there are many urban poor even in Kuala Lumpur itself. A visit to Jinjang Selatan is proof enough. There are many poor, elderly Chinese who don't have two meals a day staying in that area.

And that's only in Jinjang, what about Kg Kerinchi, Sentul, Segambut, etc? And what about the many, many poor folk in places like Kuang, Kundang, Batang Berjuntai, Parit Buntar and Sungkai, not mention the interior areas of Sabah and Sarawak!

Another example of wasteful spending of the rakyat's money is Tourism minister Ng Yen Yen (left) gallivanting here and there to promote tourism. Promoting tourism is one thing but why is it that she has to spend RM1.67 million in 2009 and RM1.58 million from January to October 2010 doing so? This is absolute madness. I think the title 'Tourist' minister is more apt for her. Why this blatant waste of public funds? I am sure that the cost can be much lower than this.

There are massive development plans i.e. KL International Financial District, Sungai Buloh, Greater KL, MRT, etc. These are all very good plans which we will only see its fruition in the long-term. But there are many needs now, for example the need to reduce the rising crime rate, especially snatch thefts, car thefts and house break-ins, the need to reduce low-skilled foreign labour, the need to reduce the ever-rising price of basic necessary foodstuffs and the need to address the issue of minimum wage.

There are many more urgent issues but the few that I have mentioned here will help alleviate the burden faced by the poor and the low-income group, the majority of whom are suffering due to the BN Government's lack of pro-active and innovative measures.

A taxi driver told me, "I have 6 mouths to feed, me, my wife and my 4 children, my wife is a housewife, I don't see how a 100-storey building can help me."

I also heard a fellow bus-passenger lamenting the poor condition of the Malaysian public transport in relation to the proposed second Astronaut Programme. This is plain ridiculous. Why is there a need to go to space when even the problems on earth here in Malaysia are so many and cannot be solved in the immediate future?

It is time the rakyat wake up to the fact that only Pakatan Rakyat is able to save the country from the dire straits that it is in. The rakyat must take note of the fact that the PR state governments of Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor have been prudent and thrifty in spending.

These PR governments use the money from the state coffers wisely to benefit the rakyat and improve the rakyat's well-being. Perak under the helm of PAS's Nizar Jamaluddin was thrifty and wise in spending. Not so the present BN state government who in the recent Perak State Assembly which was a half-day farce bulldozed through the approval of RM80 million additional funding by shutting out the voices of PR state assemblymen.

It is now extremely clear that BN is reckless in spending the rakyat's money. They just do as they wish without heeding the voice of the rakyat despite Najib saying that BN will always listen to the people.

There is only one way to curb this unnecessary spending and that is to boot out BN in the 13th General Election! No more wasteful spending - that should be Pakatan's clarion call to the Malaysian voters.

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