Friday, October 15, 2010

Katak Pun Boleh Terlebih GULA

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Katak pun boleh kena kencing manis sekarang ni (katak ni lepas operation kerat tangan)

Macam mana tak kena kencing manis.. suka duduk lama2, org suruh bangun tak nak bangun

Macam mana tak kena kencing manis..bontot besar, pendek tak mau naik tinggi dah..

Macam mana tak kena kencing manis.. muka dah naik 2 talam, lemak sana sini...hee thee hee

Kalau kaki asyik kebas, kerat kaki tu ganti dengan kaki katak!!

Disgusting or not, no apology given (read more HERE)

Indeed, Nizar is not the only lawmaker who has called for a motion of censure against Ibrahim Ali. MP for Shah Alam Khalid Ibrahim had immediately ticked him off, accusing him of trying to encourage the Malays to disrespect the minority races.

Other lawmakers also described his behavior as “disgusting”. But the portly Ibrahim is unfazed and refused to make any apologies for his behavior.

He told reporters he had diabetes and he did not stand because his leg was numb.

"What is the problem? If even this is an issue, then even when I kentut it will become a problem. If you want to attack me, do so on proper issues. If Ibrahim Ali is corrupt, abuses power or commits sodomy, then you attack on that,” Malaysiakini reported him as saying.

"If you found out that I have done something wrong that has big implications, you can attack me on that. It is alright if they cari pasal (look for trouble). They have no punching bag, so I feel good also - the more people attack me, I feel stronger and stronger.”

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