Thursday, October 14, 2010

Homo Sapiensis Broheng Aliingis

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PERKASA Stung by Speech on Primitive Men

By G Vinod

KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa today demanded an apology from MCA youth chief Wee Ka Siong for his reference to “primitive men” masquerading as national heroes.

Harapan ayahanda..

Reti basa terasa pulak..thee he he ingatkan badan gemuk pendek, kulit muka tebal macam kulit katak puru, tak terasa apa2..

'Primitive men' ni macam jakun laa.. tak ada tamadun..thee he he

Lain kali, kalau orang suruh bangun.. jangan laa duduk membesarkan ponggong..thee he hee

Kalau orang suruh diam seminit, jgn la buat bangang bercakap kat hand-phone..thee he he

Kalau orang suruh diam, jgn laa bercakap kuat2, sendawa laa, kentut laaa.. nampak sangat jakun.. thee he he

Tak kan nak tunggu Madey bagi arahan baru nak dengar..thee he he

Madey sekarang ni nak batuk pun dah tak berapa lalu.

Wee, who is the MP for Ayer Hitam, stood to lose crucial Malay votes if he was referring to Perkasa or Malay rulers, Perkasa youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah said.

Wee made the remark in his address to the MCA Youth annual general assembly last Saturday. He did not specify whom he was referring to.

“They ... claim themselves to be national heroes,” Wee said. “In fact, what they are doing are for their own personal again, and all done at the expense of the country’s unity, development and future.

“MCA Youth wants to tell the primitive men this: ‘You do not fit in the modern times, and it is better that you go back to the ancient times.’”

Arman told reporters that Wee had put his political career at stake.

He also poured scorn on MCA Youth, referring to the poor attendance at Saturday’s meeting.

“Until he can get the Chinese support, he should stop talking tough,” he said.

He said Wee had used the word “primitive” without understanding its meaning and had failed to do his duty as a member of Parliament from Johor by not defending his sultan when the latter was criticised by Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy .

“Is asking people to respect Malay rights and the rulers' sovereignty a primitive act? And why did he not criticise the Hindraf leader despite being a parliamentarian from Johor?”

Last Thursday, Waythamoorthy, upset over the Johor ruler’s call for caution in the handling of “sensitive” court cases, called on His Royal Highness to refrain from acting like a spokesman for Perkasa.

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