Saturday, October 16, 2010

For SALE - Wayne Rooney

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In-the-Red Devils: We'll never sell Rooney

...but they have to sell CR7 to pay off Glazer's debt! haha

...ooops they gonna do it again, this time with Rooney

...see? I told you so..

David Gill last night claimed Manchester United are under “zero pressure” to sell prize asset Wayne Rooney - despite the club’s record £83.6million loss.

Although United’s annual turnover rose to £286.4m, they suffered the extraordinary loss as a result of owners Glazers refinancing the way they service their debt.

United had to pay £67m in one-off finance charges through the implementation of the bond issue to ease the debt burden on the Glazers, as well as £40m in interest payments.

But Gill assured United fans that Rooney - valued at £70m - would not need to be sacrificed to address the club’s debts, despite the world record £80m sale of star player Cristiano Ronaldo last year.

“We are not a club that needs to sell,” said Gill. “We have money in the bank so there is zero pressure on that, no pressure at all to sell any star player whether it is Wayne Rooney or X,Y or Z. I can categorically say that.

“There was no desire at all from anyone at the club to sell Cristiano Ronaldo. He wanted to go and as a result we managed to extract a world record fee.

“The philosophy is to retain and attract the best players. We have £165million in the bank but in some ways we would prefer to have £80million in the bank and Ronaldo on the pitch.”

United loss, revealed in the club’s annual financial results, is in stark contrast to their profit of £48m the year before, when their figures were boosted by the sale of Ronaldo.

But with no world record transfer fee to boost their ailing finances, the latest figures have made for depressing reading for those United fans who feel the Glazers are ruining their club.

The Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST), the group opposed to the Glazer regime, described the figures as proof of the need for a change of ownership.

“The financial results today continue to demonstrate the tremendous revenue generated by United - directly or indirectly through the unparalleled loyal support the club receives,” said a MUST spokesman.

“Sadly those supporters are let down by owners who continue to extract millions from our club. Imagine how successful we could be without the millstone that is the Glazers’ ownership.

“The pressure continues to build on them - with greater competition domestically it is going to become increasingly expensive just to maintain a place in the Champions League.

“When Sir Alex Ferguson retires the chances of maintaining anything like the same level of success look remote without massive investment. So the clock is ticking for the Glazers - and for the supporters too.”

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